Ghost Dancer’s Sacred Path

Thoughts, Wisdom, Art and Musings From the Heart

Ghost Dancer of the Wind Clan, Painting by Dee Sturgis

This segment of Journeys of the Spirit is dedicated to presenting the insights, wisdom and art of Ghost Dancer, Native sage of Muscogee and Ani-yun-wiya heritage. “Ghost,” as he is known to his friends, has knowledge of many Native traditions as well as world religions. His primary focus is on the ancient history, customs and beliefs of the First Peoples of the Southeastern United States.

Ghost Dancer

For more than 40 years, Ghost has studied, lived, experienced, and taught these traditions for the benefit of hundreds of others. Ghost has been described by those who know him best as a “Gentle Giant” and a “Walking Encyclopedia” of SE Native Culture and History. We are most grateful that he is willing to share with all who seek to learn, and perhaps, some of us will even discover ourselves in the process. All who come with an open heart are strongly urged to read, think, learn, discuss, and ask questions.

The Creeks & Their Dances Series
Index to Ghost Dancer’s Articles
Honoring My Beloved Elders  
    Part 1 – Early Childhood – Florida		
    Part 2 – Teen years – South Dakota Summers			
Prophecy of the Rainbow Children   				
   The Universal Rainbow Spirit Within Us (1)			
   The Universal Rainbow Spirit Within Us (2)			
Ancient Arts & Legends – Interpretations by Ghost Dancer
    Horned Winged Serpent (Beaded Medallion)				
    Legend of the Tie Snake (Beaded Medallion)				
    Rainbow Serpent
Ghost Dancer's Art
    1. Red Cloud, Osceola & Powwow Princess							
Sacred Medicine Ways
   Introduction (Owning your Gifts) Part 1				
   Being a Shaman – Part 2
   Understanding Native Way of Thinking – Part 3
   Forgiving Ourselves – Part 4
   Your Inner Power – Part 5
   Who am I & What am I Doing Here - Part 6
   The Spirit World - Part 7
   Sacred Peace-Healing Energy Part 8
   Traditional Women’s Role – Part 9
   Going to Water (Water Song) – Part 10
   Herbal Medicines - Part 11
   Moons, Ceremonials & Dances - Part 12
   Native Rules of Respectful Behavior - Part 13
The Creeks & Their Dances
   The Naturally Sacred Way Our Ancestors Danced

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