Ghost Dancer’s Sacred Path

Journeys of the Spirit is honored to present these teachings, wisdom and art shared by Ghost Dancer, Native sage of Muscogee and Ani-yun-wiya heritage. Ghost, as he is known to his friends, has knowledge of many Native traditions and languages. His primary focus is on the ancient history, customs and beliefs of the First Peoples of the Southeastern United States.

For more than 60 years, Ghost has studied, lived, experienced, and taught these traditions for the benefit of hundreds of others. Ghost has been described by those who know him best as a “Gentle Giant” and a “Walking Encyclopedia” of SE Native Culture and History.

The Wisdom Keeper

“Love inspires us all to be better than we are, to do more than we would otherwise do, to say what we would not say, and to think what we would not have thought of. Love changes us completely.” ~ Ghost Dancer

The Creeks & Their Dances Series

Lessons & Ceremonies of the Inipi

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