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Forward Momentum

Chapter Twelve – Step Into the Light By Steven Maisenbacher Well hello again. November has been one hell of a month and a lot has gone on for me. It started with a bang with these people running out of my insulin. The obvious results of that fiasco you can see if you check outContinue reading “Forward Momentum”

Thanksgiving Truth

Chapter Eleven – Step Into The Light By Steven Maisenbacher My earliest memories of this day are being in school. I might have been six or seven years old and the teacher had us all draw turkeys. What we did was lay our little fat pudgy kid hands on paper and trace around it withContinue reading “Thanksgiving Truth”

Giving Thanks

Chapter Ten – Step Into The Light By Steven Maisenbacher Family. They say you can’t pick your family. I don’t know if that’s absolutely true; sometimes your family picks you. I know that recently I’ve gone through some real serious events and those that reacted with words of compassion and anger against the machine thatContinue reading “Giving Thanks”

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