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War Dance

The Creeks and Their Dances (9) By Ghost Dancer Now many of you have never heard the sounds or seen a more exotic and exciting dance than the war dance. In the old, old days the sound would cause such a great excitement in any town, but there is lots to talk about before weContinue reading “War Dance”

Normally Abnormal

Along the Way. . . Experiences, Insights & Humor on the “Long Road Home” By Steven Maisenbacher Thanksgiving Week 2021 Now I generally don’t bash the Bureau of Prisons, but sometimes ya just gotta tell it like it is. Otherwise most of the fine people will never believe that things like this happen, but theyContinue reading “Normally Abnormal”

Eagle Dances

The Creeks and Their Dances (8) By Ghost Dancer Most people associate the Eagle Dance style with other tribes, mostly those from the western states or plains peoples. I would like to talk about the Southeastern tribes and their relationship to the eagle and what the eagle is renowned for. To Southeastern Native peoples, theContinue reading “Eagle Dances”

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