All For The Right To Pray

Ghost Dancer Tells His Story
Photo by Cat Dancing

From earliest childhood Ghost Dancer felt the spirit of his Mvskoke and Ani-yun-wiya ancestors calling to him. Heeding the call he would find himself upon a path that would lead to lifelong struggles, forever “out of time, out of place.” From the day he was born, a happy, loving, gifted child, he endured heartbreaking sorrows, betrayals and exploitations. Through it all, Ghost fought a system determined to destroy him by any means as he struggled to remain true to his calling. Ghost Dancer’s story is both a revelation of deep flaws in the state and federal justice system as well as testament to the power of love and trust in Spirit to guide, protect, and triumph over unspeakable evil.

Part One: Walking in Three Worlds begins in the courtroom where once again Ghost stands defeated yet eloquent in the undeniable truth he speaks to power before receiving the harshest sentence possible. From there Ghost begins to share in depth his story from the beginning – his early life, those who influenced him and the God-given gifts and talents that were both a blessing and a curse.

Part Two: The Making of a Warrior brings to light the real life struggles of the loving and gifted young man trying to make sense of a world where he felt “out of place, out of time.” Astute readers will understand that the stories of Misty and Sachem are more than just childhood horse stories; they are the very foundation of a warrior’s journey into discovering himself and his destiny in a cruel and hostile world.

Part Three: The Legacy of Wounded Knee first introduces the reader to the truth about yet another historical event in which the “facts” of an encounter between Native Americans and the government have been twisted over time, once again justifying violence and suppression against traditional Native Americans, a group of people crying out for their civil and religious rights. Herein the die is cast for Ghost Dancer’s entire life as a marked man. Thus the scene is set to learn the whole truth of Ghost Dancer’s amazing courage and unshakeable resolve to stay true to his principles and stand up for the rights of all Native Americans.

Part Four: The Spiritual Warrior Awakens as Ghost faces the greatest challenge of his life. He finds strength and courage from all those who stand with him and for him – family, old friends from AIM, strangers, and most of all the love of his beautiful Cat Dancing, his War Woman whose courageous spirit stood as strong as his own.

Part Five: Sweet Freedom like the gift of happiness, however fleeting, proved that Spirit still touches hearts and miracles can happen.

Part Six: They Want You Gone, You Get Gone speaks of the power of people in high places, even within the very halls of the American justice system, to brazenly commit crimes against citizens and destroy lives with absolute impunity.

Part Seven: Twenty Six Years in Federal Prison 1995-2021

Part Eight: The Warrior Comes Home

All for the Right to Pray References, Notes, and Commentary

  1. The American Indian Religious Freedom Act (AIRFA)
  2. American Indian Religious Freedom Act Amendments of 1994
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