Walks’ Long Road Home

By Steven “Walks On The Grass” Maisenbacher
Photo by Gabriela Palai on Pexels.com
Walks On The Grass

Readers will be riveted to each Chapter of Long Road Home as this delightfully witty, warm and talented man shares an honest and compelling account of his amazing journey. From the first line, “I was born broken” Walks navigates a path filled with bumps, boulders, crashes, and wrong turns in search of wholeness during 37 years within the walls of the federal prison system. Through the grounding of songs, prayers and ceremony in the Inipi, traditional Lakota sweat lodge, the support of wise elders and teachers and developing his natural talents, Walks gradually comes home to his true self. This is an enlightening and inspiring work. You won’t want to miss it. epd

“The lost home that we are seeking is ourselves; it is the story we carry within our soul.”

~ Michael Meade

Dear Readers,

Thank you for following Walks’ story. I think it’s important to add that when I first asked Walks to write out his story, it was because I had come to know him well enough to feel his story was well worth writing down and sharing with others. Little did I consider that writing his story would have such great significance for him as a therapeutic exercise. By the time we had worked together as writer and editor through the process of completing the first few chapters we both came to realize what an emotional release it was for him to dredge up old memories and shine a light on not just the struggles but also the personal achievements in each phase of his journey.

It’s difficult for Walks to even talk about some aspects of his life, but the emotions can most certainly be found in some of his poetry and lyrics. It won’t be until chapter 17 that he first mentions his most significant coping mechanism during some of his darkest hours – one that has stayed with him but has now morphed into a delightful part of Walks’ mischievous, fun-loving personality. (See Along the Way – Stir Crazy)

As the date of Walks’ release from prison lies just months away, quite naturally he has mixed emotions and more than a little anxiety about how he will make his way and how he will be received out here in this strange new world. Many people have no idea of how hard the adjustment to a totally changed and often hostile world can be. As you read these small tidbits of Walks’ long journey home, send a good vibe or a virtual “atta-boy” his way to let him know he’s going to be just fine.

Thank you,

Sings Many Songs

Along the Way. . .
Experiences, Insights & Humor on the “Long Road Home”
  • Chapter 1 – Broken (Breathe)
  • Chapter 2 – Then Spirit Raises Your Voice (Deep End)
  • Chapter 2A – 2005 Interview Vice Magazine (Now the BUFFALO ARE gone)
  • Chapter 3 – Still There is Music in My Head (Camouflage)
  • Chapter 4 – Talking Donkey (Ride for the Sun)
  • Chapter 5 – Depression, Music & Brotherhood (White Noise)
  • Chapter 6 – Things I Regret (Morning Prayer)
  • Chapter 7 – Blindsided (Black River)
  • Chapter 8 – Strange Blessings (Peaceful At Night)
  • Chapter 9 – Walker (Exactly)
  • Chapter10 – Cat In The Forest (Dear Friend)
  • Chapter 11 – Finding New Family (Here and Well)
  • Chapter 12 – Big Moves (Self Portrait)
  • Chapter 13 – Twenty-One Songs (Listed 21 Songs – Set ListRobo Cop)
  • Chapter 14 – From the Top To the Bottom (Vengeance)
  • Chapter 15 – Finally a New Circle (Free Here Now)
  • Chapter 16 – Wasn’t Long, And It Wasn’t Long (Off Kilter)
  • Chapter 17 – Didn’t See It Coming (Insane)
  • Chapter 18 – Gonna Be Days Like This (Shame)
  • Chapter 19 – Wash the Pain From My Soul (Then Change It)
  • Chapter 20 – Calm Before the Storm (Try to Get It Right)
  • Chapter 21 – Lockdown! And They Mean It (Dying All Over Again)
  • Chapter 22 – Headaches, Heartaches & Spiritual Challenges
  • Chapter 23 – Roll The Footage (Jealousy Is a Poison)
  • Chapter 24 – Dreams for the Future – Post Script (See Someone of Worth)

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