He Said, She Said, They All Say

Lights In the Distance. . .

Walks’ Outdate – 33 Days and Counting

By Steven Maisenbacher

Walks On The Grass

I can’t get over it, I’m actually at a loss of words over this, I watch the news and within 5 minutes I’ve seen Fox trash everyone that’s not a conservative Republican. Then I walk across the day room and watch CNN trash everyone that’s not a 100% dyed in the wool liberal Democrat. And between the 2 sides they manage to pass the blame for the state of the nation back and forth, but neither offers any cure or a solution to all the issues from the price of gas to everything else.

One thing that particularly galls me is the fact that they keep letting these criminals out of jail without them paying for their crimes. It may surprise you to learn that I believe in the penalization of law breakers and especially violent criminals. I believe that if you do the crime you should do the time.

The nation is in crisis and the bickering isn’t getting anything accomplished. I didn’t care for Trump’s antics, but I’m not convinced he didn’t leave this country in a better place than where he came in. Then within a year or so Biden has managed to destroy the economy, make us the laughing-stock nation of the world and run us into a crisis state.

It appears to me no one wants to work, no one can afford gas, no one is doing anything but scraping the bottom of the barrel to get by. People are killing each other like never before in history, the major cities are war zones where the innocent are the victims and every time I turn around we have more controversy about the border. I don’t know who is right and who is wrong but I do know that in just a month I’m being released to a world that’s in way worse shape than when I left it.

I remember that when I left making ends meet was already hard for families, but nothing like this. Now I’m not ranting, I’m just expressing my concern over a government that has all the power, but not the will to govern and work to solve problems. We have an economy that’s a mess, a job market that’s a catastrophe and civil discord that’s one step from anarchy. Then you have to factor in all the crazy “woke” stuff.

News flash, I am not ashamed of who or what I am. I am certainly not the oppressor of anyone and I don’t feel guilty about my race, color, or beliefs. I do feel contempt for the people behind all the hate, fear and propaganda that is thrown around and dished out on a daily basis all for political gain.

See, I refuse to let all this shake my faith in humanity and the fact that people with different ideas are not all bad. The world is full of kind and compassionate people and it is a dang shame that some people refuse to nurture and cultivate this fact and just want to sling venom and hate. Man, ain’t it bad enough we’ve gotta try to navigate a world where everyone is so busy blaming those “others” that they can’t take time to examine the various points of view and consider real solutions?

Isn’t it beyond belief that when all the misdeeds in every quarter finally start coming to light, no one wants to talk or question them? There is this grand scheme to punish Trump but what about Hunter’s laptop? What about Pelosi and her playboy husband? What about Hillary’s complicity in lying about Trump and the Russians? And what in the name of all that’s powerful is up with Pelosi elbowing  a little girl out of a picture? Are you kidding me? I’m supposed to respect that behavior? No!

Now this show mess they cooked up over the trump people has cost the Nation millions to investigate, when the truth is one side is as corrupt as the other. It doesn’t matter what color you paint a politician, red, blue, or purple, still gonna wind up the same way, corrupt. The soul of our nation is in need of pity and prayer. OK, I said it. I told Sings I was gonna, and we all know I don’t bite my tongue for anyone. “Mr. No Filter,” that’s me, so let me close that topic with this: Am I a Republican? Am I a Democrat? I don’t check either of these boxes. What I am is just a man who wants to see what’s best for the nation I love, and make no mistake, this is the greatest country in the world.

I’m just a tad bit frightened to get out into it with all the nonsense going on. Maybe I’d better do what Sings suggested, just don’t watch the news; just try to navigate thru the rest of my life and the day to day things I’ve gotta do, and I believe I’ll be ok. All I’ve gotta do is get up before the sun, pray to the Creator for the blessings and beauty and peace on the promise of a new day, pray for all of you and keep the simple truth in the forefront.

As long as we make a big deal out of the bad deeds of others, we empower them and give them credence. If I ignore the hate and the greed and the lies and the posturing I will surely be confronted with in 33 days, then I’ll have time to do all the things that I have plans and dreams for. I have so many thoughts about these things and what order I think I ought to attack them; there is a whole long list. Please for the love of all that’s good, tell someone how special they are to you today. I’m sure that we all get enough bad news, something nice is sure to matter. And please pray for me also. No question about the need on that front…

Published by Edna Peirce Dixon

I am an elder well into my eighties. I have lived an ordinary life doing all the ordinary things expected of women of my generation. But through it all, I have also been a seeker, an outsider by nature, always looking through cracks in the fences of life, questioning, challenging, learning, trying to make sense of the world and its conventions. A registered nurse by profession, I have long had a strong interest in writing and genealogy with a special interest in Southeastern Creek Indian history and culture. In my golden years, just when I was thinking “retirement,” some unexpected things happened that led me down a totally unfamiliar path. I’ve since learned it took a lifetime of experiences to prepare me for the challenges to come. My journey – indeed my calling – led me to a remarkable man, a Mvskoke & Ani-yun-wiya known as Ghost Dancer, hidden away for decades behind bars in state and federal prisons. Communicating daily by e-mail for the next nine years I had the opportunity to walk many paths with Ghost Dancer discussing many common interests with candor and respect. Most remarkable to me was Ghost’s absolute dedication to his spiritual leadership role within the Native population. With loving kindness at all times, Ghost shared many of his teachings, including lessons from within the sacred sweat lodge. A full index to Ghost's shared teachings can be found at GHOST DANCER'S SACRED PATH. Over time, Ghost gradually revealed his personal life story in small bits, like pieces of some gigantic puzzle. Now with his health a shambles, Ghost Dancer is at last free and has begun putting those pieces together; he wants the world to know the whole truth of his amazing personal journey in the chapters of his book in progress, ALL FOR THE RIGHT TO PRAY. As his friend and editor on JOURNEYS OF THE SPIRIT, I can say this is indeed a story so big that even after these many years, I continue to be astonished as Ghost reveals new details of his solitary walk on the Nene Cate (Red Road). From the day he was born, a happy, loving, gifted child, he felt a strong bond with his cultural heritage in a world where family loyalty was a sacred trust and Native roots were kept secret. As a result the callow youth endured many heartbreaking sorrows, betrayals and exploitations. As a young teen, Ghost heeded the call to learn from the great Native spiritual leaders gathered at Wounded Knee. The influence of the elders and spiritual leaders on his young mind was profound but the political conflicts of the moment ultimately cast this loyal young boy as a target of a system determined to destroy him by any means. For the next 40 years in and out of prison, Ghost would struggle to remain true to his calling both as a teacher and an activist fighting for the religious rights of Native Americans. (Note: Currently Ghost is focused on things he must do to regain his health and has put writing the final chapters about the the wrongful convictions that put him in federal prison for the past 28 years on hold. He still has dreams for the future so he will be back!) Ghost Dancer would later introduce me to Walks On The Grass, one of his spiritual brothers and another federal prisoner. Walks’ story on JOURNEYS OF THE SPIRIT is totally compelling, though very different. In LONG ROAD HOME, Walks has shared his decades-long spiritual journey from deep addiction to wholeness. He follows up with ALONG THE WAY and finally, LIGHTS IN THE DISTANCE as he prepares emotionally and mentally to transition to life outside after 37 years of incarceration.

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