Adopted By The Wind

Step Into the Light Journal Entry 21 – February 26, 2023 A full and busy month has passed since my last entry. At this moment my six-months point at the halfway house is just two days away. On February 28, 2023, I will be eligible to go to home confinement. While we are still waitingContinue reading “Adopted By The Wind”

Cons and Pros

Step Into the Light Journal Entry 20 – January 26, 2023 Ever had friends that would talk about someone behind their back and you would find out from the very same person that they had talked bad about you too? See how the cycle perpetuates itself? Personally, I think anybody that knowingly does harm toContinue reading “Cons and Pros”

Hit the Gas

Step Into the Light Journal Entry 19 – January 20, 2023 Well fans and music lovers what a week of fun and frolic I have had. Let’s see, since I last talked to you I have done nothing but study. Like I said last week, I’m so grateful for the courtesy and true caring shownContinue reading “Hit the Gas”

Learning Curve

Step Into the Light Journal Entry 18 – January 13, 2023 Considering all that’s gone on I’m sure I could have gotten away with not writing an entry in my journal this week – or whatever such nonsense we’re going to call it now. Me, I don’t care what we call it; I’m just gettingContinue reading “Learning Curve”


Step Into the Light Journal Entry 17 – January 5, 2023 By Steven Maisenbacher I wasn’t really sure what I was going to write about this week until this week. I had a wonderful New Year weekend. On Sunday I was blessed and honored by an old friend and his wife. As most of youContinue reading “Gifts”

What a World

Step Into the Light Journal Entry 16 – December 29, 2022 By Steven Maisenbacher Well, another installment in the never-ending saga of what the hell are these people thinking? Once again I am out of the long-acting insulin. I’ve been telling them for 3 weeks that I need more insulin. They say they will takeContinue reading “What a World”


Step Into the Light Journal Entry 15 – December 23, 2022 By Stephen Maisenbacher Well here we are again my friends. Another week is almost gone and this one is particularly fortuitous simply because it’s Christmas time. Christmas Eve is tomorrow and I’m spending it with my family.  Here where I am now, in Springfield,Continue reading “BRRRR”


Step Into the Light Journal Entry 14 – December 15, 2022 By Steven Maisenbacher Well here we are again. Another week has gone by with all sorts of frolicking activities; this place is just insane. Let me relate what I’m talking about. At the beginning of this week a guy upstairs, a BOP inmate, hadContinue reading “TURMOIL”

It’s Not a Secret Anymore

Step Into the Light Journal Entry 13 – December 8, 2022 By Steven Maisenbacher Well there are some things that need to be said. The first one is yesterday I went out to the college and learned how to log into a computer. My tutor taught me how to get to the needed site, whereContinue reading “It’s Not a Secret Anymore”

Forward Momentum

Step Into the Light Journal Entry 12 – November 30, 2022 By Steven Maisenbacher Well hello again. November has been one hell of a month and a lot has gone on for me. It started with a bang with these people running out of my insulin. The obvious results of that fiasco you can seeContinue reading “Forward Momentum”