Adopted By The Wind

Step Into the Light Journal Entry 21 – February 26, 2023 A full and busy month has passed since my last entry. At this moment my six-months point at the halfway house is just two days away. On February 28, 2023, I will be eligible to go to home confinement. While we are still waitingContinue reading “Adopted By The Wind”

Mine, Nacho’s Cheezy Rice Surprise

Light In the Distance… OUT DATE- 243 Days and counting – Still gotta eat. Steven Maisenbacher Here I am once again sports fans with another installment of “Exactly what I don’t know” and I’m your host, Walks On The Grass. Well, I have made yet another culinary discovery! See, today I was gonna make aContinue reading “Mine, Nacho’s Cheezy Rice Surprise”