Night Ride to Freedom’s Door

Step Into The Light Journal Entry 1 – September 15, 2022 By Steven Maisenbacher It’s funny how you think you have yourself prepared and all the mental shackles of the past 23 years of captivity are just going to go away when you’re finally released to a halfway house and the first small steps towardContinue reading “Night Ride to Freedom’s Door”

All For the Right to Pray (28)

Part Eight – The Warrior Comes Home Chapter 28 – What Price Compassion By Ghost Dancer The Covid-19 pandemic hit all the prisons hard early in 2020. By April 1st all normal activities had ceased at Talladega and we found ourselves on total lockdown with no relief for months. There was no fast-track out forContinue reading “All For the Right to Pray (28)”

All For the Right to Pray (27)

Part Seven – Twenty Six Years in Federal Prison Chapter 27 – Still I Walk The Red Road By Ghost Dancer With nothing more to lose, I put my trust in Spirit and just went right on doing what I had always known I was meant to do: teaching and speaking out about injustice andContinue reading “All For the Right to Pray (27)”

All For the Right to Pray (26)

Part Six – They Want You Gone, You Get Gone Chapter 26 – Railroaded By Ghost Dancer Before I begin to clearly explain and document facts about how I was  railroaded, I would like to say that I do not hold any bad feelings or anger for what was done to me. Now this mayContinue reading “All For the Right to Pray (26)”


Innocent Until Proven Guilty The Warrior, The Crone & The Crooked Prosecutor By Edna Peirce Dixon I first heard about a man called Ghost Dancer late in the summer of 2013. It was said he had remarkable knowledge of the ancient traditions, culture, language, and history of the Southeastern Creek Indian peoples, a special interestContinue reading “FOXY FAIRY TALES”

He Said, She Said, They All Say

Lights In the Distance. . . Walks’ Outdate – 33 Days and Counting By Steven Maisenbacher I can’t get over it, I’m actually at a loss of words over this, I watch the news and within 5 minutes I’ve seen Fox trash everyone that’s not a conservative Republican. Then I walk across the day roomContinue reading “He Said, She Said, They All Say”

Make Sense???

Lights In the Distance. . . Walks’ Outdate – 89 Days and Counting By Steven Maisenbacher On Monday, May 23, 2022, 10 days ago the guards came in around 8am and screamed LOCK DOWN!!! So I did what I always try to do, fired off a burst e-mail to Sings Many Songs telling her weContinue reading “Make Sense???”

All For the Right to Pray (25)

Part Five – Sweet Freedom Chapter 25 – Insights on Activism: Connecting The Dots By Ghost Dancer As you have been reading to this point, I’d say most likely you have wondered why this Ghost person seems to be dragged from one bizarre situation to another. Why would government authorities single out this one individual? It’sContinue reading “All For the Right to Pray (25)”

All For the Right to Pray (24)

Part Five – Sweet Freedom Chapter 24 – Arrested With No Charges By Ghost Dancer On May 11, 1995, after a little more than a month of leisurely travels in our motorhome with our wolves and towing Cat’s car, I was arrested at the border as we attempted to cross into Alaska. Once I arrivedContinue reading “All For the Right to Pray (24)”

All For the Right to Pray (23)

Part Five – Sweet Freedom Chapter 23 – Bittersweet Memories 2015 Conversations – Cat Dancing, Ghost Dancer, EPDixon EPD: Now I know that at some point Ghost got word that he was about to be arrested and that may be when you went to Canada… Neither of you has mentioned that. CAT: I’m having troubleContinue reading “All For the Right to Pray (23)”