All For the Right to Pray (2)

Part One – Walking in Three Worlds Chapter 2 – Invitation to My Nene Cate (Red Road) By Ghost Dancer The story I bring to you, dear reader, is about my personal journey and some of the wisdom and insights I have been given over a lifetime. Hopefully my story will resonate with something insideContinue reading “All For the Right to Pray (2)”

All For the Right to Pray (1)

Part One – Walking in Three Worlds Chapter 1 – Ghost Dancer Speaks to the Court On September 1, 1995 after a mere two-day trial in the Federal Court, Northern District of Florida and on the flimsiest of circumstantial evidence, a Native American man known as Thunder Eagle Ghost Dancer was found guilty of robbingContinue reading “All For the Right to Pray (1)”


Equal Justice Under the Law – American Style By E.P.Dixon Case #1 WILLIAM MITCHELL Race: Black, Sex: Male, Release Date: 02/23/2024 PRESS RELEASE (excerpt) Friday, January 22, 2016 Repeat Bank Robber Who Struck from Coast to Coast Sentenced to 10+ Years in Prison Defendant Robbed Banks in Vermont, New Hampshire, Florida, Mississippi, California and WashingtonContinue reading “TALE OF TWO FEDERAL PRISONERS”

An Invitation from E. P. Dixon

I am an elder and a seeker, an outsider by nature, always looking through cracks in the fences of life trying to make sense of the world. Being an outsider can be lonely sometimes, but oh, what treasures can be found in most unexpected places. Without question one of my life’s greatest blessings came whenContinue reading “An Invitation from E. P. Dixon”