Reflection for Native American Heritage Month By Ghost Dancer Native peoples have a hard time dealing with some of the practices and understandings of other peoples. By this I mean, most Native feel that other people must not think for themselves and are programmed as a whole rather than in freedom of the individual. IContinue reading “NATIVE TRADITIONS OF ACCEPTANCE & INCLUSION”

Native Understanding

A Teaching by Ghost Dancer Many people believe that Native ways are simple and can be learned quickly. This is not only absurd but so far from real understanding. Just as in gaining insights on any subject, the more you seek the more you will find. And when you find the answers you seek, youContinue reading “Native Understanding”

All For the Right to Pray (21)

Part Five – Sweet Freedom Chapter 21 – A Beautiful New Life By Ghost Dancer During these early days our two wolves came into our lives. It was a true blessing that they chose to stay with us and share their lives. One day after I came home from laying brick for 15 hours, CatContinue reading “All For the Right to Pray (21)”

All For the Right to Pray (10)

Part Two – The Making of a Warrior Chapter 10 – The Horseman – Sachem and Me By Ghost Dancer After Misty was killed, I went to stay with my dad in Alabama for a while to get a grip on my emotions, then returned to my family in Florida. One day, a man cameContinue reading “All For the Right to Pray (10)”

All For the Right to Pray (9)

Part Two – The Making of a Warrior Chapter 9 – The Horseman – Misty 2 By Ghost Dancer At that time, I was in the 7th grade. One day I went to school and caught the son of another rancher down the road and two other bullies picking on a young girl with disabilitiesContinue reading “All For the Right to Pray (9)”

What is Freedom? (2)

More Thoughts On the Meaning of Freedom & Love By Ghost Dancer Talladega Prison, 2014 – What is it that truly makes us free?         When I stop and think of what really makes us free, I reflect back upon my life seeing my grandfathers, grandmothers, and the other creations. I rememberContinue reading “What is Freedom? (2)”

Daily Prayer

Written and Gifted to the People of Perdido Bay Tribe By Ghost Dancer February 2014 Dedicated in honor of Micco Bobby Johns Bearheart ~~~ Mvscogee & English Language ~~~ PBT VTEHKVLKE OMVLKV NETTV MEKUSVPETV PUCASE HESAKETV POHETV VNMEKUSVPKV MOCV -NETTV V’NE EM-POHETV CEME EM MERRETV OMVLKV PUNAKE EM MVTTETV V’NE EM-POHETV CEME VNE-EKVS ESTOFIS HECETVContinue reading “Daily Prayer”

Ribbon Dance

The Creeks and Their Dances (10) By Ghost Dancer The ceremonial grounds are the backbone of all Southeastern Creek peoples. Before the removal there were numerous towns and each town had its own ceremonial grounds, the place where tribal members practiced their religious ceremonies. The Ribbon Dance is the most important dance of all among SoutheasternContinue reading “Ribbon Dance”

War Dance

The Creeks and Their Dances (9) By Ghost Dancer Now many of you have never heard the sounds or seen a more exotic and exciting dance than the war dance. In the old, old days the sound would cause such a great excitement in any town, but there is lots to talk about before weContinue reading “War Dance”

Eagle Dances

The Creeks and Their Dances (8) By Ghost Dancer Most people associate the Eagle Dance style with other tribes, mostly those from the western states or plains peoples. I would like to talk about the Southeastern tribes and their relationship to the eagle and what the eagle is renowned for. To Southeastern Native peoples, theContinue reading “Eagle Dances”