What is Freedom? (2)

More Thoughts On the Meaning of Freedom & Love

By Ghost Dancer

Talladega Prison, 2014 – What is it that truly makes us free?        

When I stop and think of what really makes us free, I reflect back upon my life seeing my grandfathers, grandmothers, and the other creations. I remember what made who we are and how that all has changed just during this lifetime. I’m in a iron house as we natives call it! But I ‘m freer than most on the outside of these fences, walls, and razor wires! How, you ask?

It is my spirit and most of all my understanding of power.                                                

How many use the word, IF every single day. If I had this,  If I could only,  If I didn’t do, If I was born into, If I was, If she/he only. How many if’s are in your life? when we think of this simple little word we see truly how powerful it is! We use it in saying something and we are now bringing power to reality into our life. We use it a as an excuse for our mistakes, failures,  disappointments, any and every lack we feel. This little word using 2 letters we have now empowered to control our lives.

 When we speak something we are in fact bringing the power of that into this world around us. We must open our minds and mouths to speak positive thoughts and beauty and create the world in which we truly want to live. By thinking negatively  we bring that to us. We are therefore creating our own bad atmosphere to live in.

All my life I have always remembered to be careful what comes out my mouth, because words have power. Words use the powers of the universe by the elements that we use to give the words power. This is what I was taught when I was a small person, and it was true then as it is now.

What we all need to do is stop speaking without thinking! I love this world and all that the Creator created in it, including the people. 

 Okay we are all different; so is all of creation! When we hate because of the color of someone’s skin, then we hate ourselves!

When we hate because of someone’s beliefs or religion, then we hate ourselves!

When we hate because of where someone is from, we hate ourselves.

When we hate because of what someone has, then we hate ourselves.

You say, no way! Really? Well we all have the same Creator!  We all were created Equal!

Oh, you say, well they have this, or they don’t have to do this? Or they don’t do this or that! Or they never have to go through this? Well the truth is we all have the same elements in us.

We all have the potential to raise ourselves up to a higher place. We all have the same brain, we all have the same body parts.

The important thing is how you actually think and believe of your own self! Don’t think because a person is taller than you that they have it better. Or don’t think that someone who you think is better looking than you really is. Don’t put anyone above you and don’t put anyone below you either. We all are one. What affects you affects everyone.

When we truly love ourselves we see the love in everyone, no matter the color, beliefs, locations, or positions in life.  This is a basic fact; learn to love you so you can love everyone and make the world so much better!

~ Ghost Dancer

Mvskogee / Ani-yun-wiya

© Ghost Dancer 2014

Published by Edna Peirce Dixon

I am an 80-something elder, a child of the great depression and WWII. I have lived a good life doing all the ordinary things valued by women of my generation. Through it all, I have also been a seeker, an outsider by nature, never quite "at home" in any group, but always looking through cracks in the fences of life, questioning, challenging, learning, trying to make sense of the world and its conventions. A registered nurse by profession, I am a lifelong student with a love of writing and interests in history and genealogy. In my golden years, just when I was starting to wonder what I was going to do with the rest of my life, some unexpected things happened that led me down new and unfamiliar paths. I’ve since learned it took a lifetime of experiences to prepare me for the new challenges and opportunities to come. The lessons these new challenges bring comprise the magic elixir that keep me seeking, keep me aware, keep me vital.

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