Eagle Dances

The Creeks and Their Dances (8) By Ghost Dancer Most people associate the Eagle Dance style with other tribes, mostly those from the western states or plains peoples. I would like to talk about the Southeastern tribes and their relationship to the eagle and what the eagle is renowned for. To Southeastern Native peoples, theContinue reading “Eagle Dances”

Alligator Dance

The Creeks and Their Dances (6) By Ghost Dancer The alligator dance is one of the most beautiful, sensual, and time-honored dances of the old days. Alligator is a powerful war clan of the people; an ancient totem spirit and an ancient elder of life from the oldest days. Ceremonially, young men passed into manhoodContinue reading “Alligator Dance”

Beautiful Bird Dances

The Creeks and Their Dances (5) November 13, 2021 By Ghost Dancer THE FLAMINGO DANCE is a beautiful dance. If you have ever seen flamingos, you will know that their long, fluffy feathers are a soft pink in color. Dancers place these feathers on the arms, legs, and top of their heads. The dance isContinue reading “Beautiful Bird Dances”

Turkey Dance

The Creeks and Their Dances (2) By Ghost Dancer The turkey is a prominent winged figure in Mvskoke culture. Turkey is known for its constant vigilance and quick readiness to fight for its flock; its proud demeanor and its dance of love. The Mvskoke admired the turkey for its flying skills, its ability to liftContinue reading “Turkey Dance”

The Naturally Sacred Way Our Ancestors Danced

The Creeks and Their Dances (1) By Ghost Dancer To truly understand the history and culture of the early South-eastern Mvskoke Creek People, it is essential that we learn to respect their customs and mores exactly as they were. Nowhere are the strengths, beauty, and good-heartedness of this ancient culture more apparent than in theirContinue reading “The Naturally Sacred Way Our Ancestors Danced”