Thanksgiving Truth

Step Into The Light Journal Entry 11 – November 24, 2022 By Steven Maisenbacher My earliest memories of this day are being in school. I might have been six or seven years old and the teacher had us all draw turkeys. What we did was lay our little fat pudgy kid hands on paper andContinue reading “Thanksgiving Truth”

Giving Thanks

Step Into The Light Journal Entry 10 – November 17, 2022 By Steven Maisenbacher Family. They say you can’t pick your family. I don’t know if that’s absolutely true; sometimes your family picks you. I know that recently I’ve gone through some real serious events and those that reacted with words of compassion and angerContinue reading “Giving Thanks”

Who Cares?

Step Into The Light Journal Entry 9 – November 12, 2022 By Steven Maisenbacher I’ve been going through it here at this place, we all know that, but the last few days have been over the top. For the second time since I’ve been here they ran out of my long-acting insulin. I take twoContinue reading “Who Cares?”


Step Into The Light Journal Entry 8 – November 3, 2022 By Steven Maisenbacher I want to talk this morning briefly. I’ve just concluded my prayers and I’m sitting outside. It’s 5:39 a.m. I want to say something about being skeptical. I’m rapidly finding out here in this world that everyone is skeptical and suspiciousContinue reading “Skepticism”


Reflection for Native American Heritage Month By Ghost Dancer Native peoples have a hard time dealing with some of the practices and understandings of other peoples. By this I mean, most Native feel that other people must not think for themselves and are programmed as a whole rather than in freedom of the individual. IContinue reading “NATIVE TRADITIONS OF ACCEPTANCE & INCLUSION”