Accepting Truth & Responsibility

Lessons From the Sacred Inipi (5)

By Ghost Dancer

Today’s lesson begins with accepting the truth of weaknesses about ourselves and working to change the things that we can. Being honest about our flaws is never easy for most folks. We all have flaws that have kept us from truly accepting who we are and what we are, and what we are to become. Many folks don’t like who they are, or what they look like, or what they can’t do, or even what they do. These are all things that we each have the responsibility to try to overcome, correct or change.

Just as we have to accept the responsibility for the things we do, so it is that we have to accept responsibility for things we don’t do. So many times we all sit around saying how we wish we had done this or that, or wish we had another chance to do something over. Well, what is stopping you? Only you! There is nothing that we cannot try to change or try to do over if we just put forth the effort.

Oh, I can hear you saying, but I can’t live my youth over again, or I can’t be a kid again! Really? Shoot I ain’t never going to grow up! I’m born each day to a new day of life, ready to begin totally new. And that is what you must do. Be a child again starting each day new and begin to make the changes you want to make in yourself.

Join me and our group of brothers as we learn today’s Lesson From the Inipi:

We began the lesson on going deeper into our own selves to find the root of our problems and working on becoming better, men, brothers, sons, fathers, uncles, friends and spiritual warriors. To do so we each became a tree and pictured ourselves as this tree. Now, for the tree to be strong it has to have strong roots and the roots must be anchored in solid ground.

The only solid ground is truth and love, so it is very important that we expose our own deepest weaknesses and get rid of anything that is preventing us from growing. When we dig this out we cast it into the rock pit to be taken away by the hot stone people. Only then can we become babies and return to being innocent, pure, and receptive to truth and true love. This allows our roots to become strong in belief, truth, and ourselves, connected to everything.

Next we worked on our trunks or our bodies. This will be what supports us in our walk of life. So we must be willing to learn, to change, to evolve, and grow, not only physically, but spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and universally. Just as our bodies grow in life, a true spiritual warrior, must grow new and more each day. No matter what our religious beliefs, races, origins, or locations, we must become more and more enlightened with each day. To sit and stay the same is to become like stagnant water. Polluted.

Just as everything around you changes, your concepts, your understanding, your beliefs, must change and grow. We are all here for that purpose – to become so much more, to help others become so much more. Our own energy is supposed to radiate from us and touch everything in every level of existence, every universe, every solar system. We are never too old to learn.

Many people get to a point when they think they know everything they need to know about their beliefs and what life is all about. How wrong they truly are. For if they did know, they would know exactly what is next, how it works, how they affect the bigger picture, the plan that has been there all along. Yet if you ask them they can’t tell you the answers to the universe. Multi-universe. Dimensions.

And the same is also with many elders who get to a point they think they know all they need to know. Boy are they in for a surprise. When we are babies, someone has to look out for us. When we become really elders we become babies again. The circle and cycle of life teaches us all that.

Some say they know what they need to know! Really or is it that they think they do because they are scared of what they might find? Every religion tells you to seek and you will find, but how many people really continue seeking their whole life through? When is it you get to a point that you quit looking for higher enlightenment, knowledge?

So many try to tell me they have a learning problem or they can’t remember anything. Well, I say this: Spirit can do anything for you! What you seek can be shown to you. But first you have to truly seek.

How does a child learn? Does a child just sit and wait for everything to be handed to it? Definitely not! So what makes an adult, or an elder any different? Every being must learn. And continue to learn. Does not nature teach you that?

Hopefully you will learn something from these teachings as well. Ghost

© Ghost Dancer 2018, 2021

Published by Edna Peirce Dixon

I am an elder in my 9th decade. I have lived an ordinary life, I’ve done all the ordinary and expected things, went to school, got married, raised a family, tried to be a good person. Throughout this life I have also been a seeker, an outsider by nature, always looking through cracks in the fences of life, questioning, challenging, learning, trying to make sense of the world and its conventions. Then in my golden years, as I sought to find meaning in my existence, some unexpected things happened and I’ve since learned it took a lifetime to prepare me for the challenge to come. My journey – indeed my calling - led me to come to know a remarkable man who happened to be an inmate in federal prison. Nothing could have been more foreign to my personal experience. GHOST DANCER Communicating daily for nearly nine years I had the opportunity to walk many paths with Ghost discussing our thoughts on many common interests with candor and respect. With enormous generosity Ghost has allowed me to share his wisdom and knowledge of his Native American heritage on Journeys of the Spirit. Over time, Ghost gradually revealed his life story in small bits, like scrambled pieces of some gigantic puzzle. Now, after spending more than 40 years in prison, Ghost Dancer is at last free and ready to tell his amazing personal story. As the saying goes, “you can’t make this stuff up” and as his friend and editor I can say this is a story so big that even after working with him for nearly nine years, I continue to be astonished as he shares new details my mind simply could never imagine. From the very first chapter, Ghost leads us on his journey and invites us to walk with him on his Nene Cate (Red Road). From the day he was born, a happy, loving gifted child, he endured heartbreaking sorrows, betrayals and exploitations. Through it all, Ghost fought a system determined to destroy him by any means, as he struggled to remain true to his calling. Through Ghost Dancer I also met and came to know Walks On The Grass, another federal prisoner whose story is also compelling even though very different. In Journeys of the Spirit, Walks has shared his decades-long journey from deep addiction to wholeness in LONG ROAD HOME and shared other bits of his story in ALONG THE WAY. Now as he approaches his August release into this crazy world of 2022 Walks shares his the thoughts and misgivings as he counts down to the big day in LIGHTS IN THE DISTANCE.

One thought on “Accepting Truth & Responsibility

  1. Who cares what other people think? I play my Native/conga drums and dance to Latin or rock music most mornings. (except during the year after I was fried by lightning). In the late afternoons in good weather, I take my zampanas out in the woods in the back part of my property and play South American Native music, while sitting or standing on a boulder. Being grown up means taking responsibility for your actions. It does not mean that one has to be boring. LOL

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