Claim the Rainbow Spirit Within You

By Ghost Dancer (Sequel to The Universal Rainbow Spirit Within Us)

“When you can love even those who persecute you, hate you, ridicule you, and even want to destroy you, then you truly understand the meaning of love…and you have become love.”

~ Ghost Dancer

Now feel our Creator’s love, spirit inside of you. Let it flow into you, thru and out of you. Let it become one with you. Watch your own spirit energy burst into the real rainbow of colors. For every color of every energy is now radiating within you. See this. Become this and know this.

Now it is time for you to truly learn; truly become what you are meant to be.

Most of you probably have never done spirit travel or an Out of Body Experience (O.B.E.) as scientists refer to them. Sort of like what the government military was doing with a program for people to do remote viewing. My people and ancestors have done this for thousands if not millions of years. Just as we do a twelve count in math because it is so much easier than what is used today.

The number 12 breaks down equally in all geometry, calculus, and even in Astro-physics and Quantum physics too. Take a triangle, it has three sides, now multiply that by 4. Answer twelve. Take a 4-direction symbol; it is divided into 4 triangles,  once again the number 12. Same thing in a medicine wheel. In the top of the inipi (sacred sweat lodge) you have the morning star symbol which is 4 triangles.

Now look inside the palm of each of your hands. You will find triangles in them. And in your fingertips you will see the swirls of the cosmos or infinity. Each of your four fingers have 3 digits; once again 4 x 3 = 12. No, your thumb is not a finger, it is separate. If we put our finger tips together with our elbows at our sides, we shape a triangle as when most people pray.  We have the number twelve in twelve inches makes a foot. A precise measurement that is easily used in larger mathematics. In engineering, architecture, and music the number 12 is vitally important.

Did you know that you have 12 chakras within you? Yes, something that is not normally taught, just as there are even more outside of you. Did you know that you have 12 multi-dimensions, and 12 multi-universes of yourself in each of them? Now let’s multiply 12×12 = 144. Visualize a huge diamond or quartz crystal that has 144 cuts, or facets in it. How beautiful it is and different it is in each facet. See, right now you are a rough diamond, waiting to be opened up to your full beauty. Throughout all of history, the number twelve has been symbolic in all of its uses.

Most folks ignore the power of 12, but it is vitally important to all of us. Stop and think for a minute in your own faith, religious belief and teachings, how many times is the number 12 used? Is it not somewhat amazing that when it comes to say, the elder council of the Islamic faith there are 12 twelve Imams or in Christianity there are 12 apostles? In Greek mythology there are the twelve tasks of Hercules and there are twelve Hebrew tribes. In the Torah, Quran, and Judeo-Christian Bible the number 12 is spoken of, even Aaron’s breast plate has twelve. So do you now think it is important?  If we look closely at many different cultures, we see the number 12 is significant. It is there to teach you; remind you of its mathematical musical vibration. Now, is it so hard for you to reach a cosmic understanding that this is a communication vibration with everything that exists, that has ever existed, that ever will exist?

Now above and centered between your eyes is the third eye or the mind’s eye. Yes, this actually exists and when you open this as a triangle the pressure and count helps to remove blockages you have been programmed to. Yes, as you grew up, you were programmed to think as others wanted you to think. To believe as others wanted you to believe, to act and do what others wanted you to do. Only when you were truly a baby were you actually free to see the world as it was meant for you to see and feel – magical and beautiful, with no hate, no prejudice, no bad, no disrespect. But only love and beauty. You felt everything. Your heart and mind and spirit and body were not tampered with and programmed to be something it was not meant to be.  You could see energy, you could feel energies.

Study the historical records. There have been times when only royalty or priests were able to read. Why? It was a matter of control. People weren’t allowed to know anything other than what those in control wanted them to know and in those cases many false teachings were given. We know people have a tendency to tell you their opinions and understandings, not what is actually the truth. Then when you have people translating the texts of the ancients, they don’t always do it accurately, especially when the teacher(s) has taken the journey long before.

As we know actual languages change and the meaning of words change as slang or bastardization of language happens. Give you an example. In ancient Hebrew, Adam and Eve actually means mankind and womankind. Now what have you been taught it means? So this is just a small sample. Now take this over thousands of words, then stop and think how many translations are actually giving you the wrong message. And just for the record Eve wasn’t the original name used.

Then you have the council of Nicaea, a group of clerics who decided by concensus  which books would be allowed in the whole teachings of a belief and religion.

No I’m not attacking or singling out any belief or religion; I’m just stating facts. Truth is very important, especially within our own selves to be happy, I mean truly happy about who you are, what you are, and what you will become.  I’m speaking directly to your heart, your mind and your spirit. You know the truth when you hear it. Are you truly satisfied with all that you are, all that you could be?

Why do people have these pre-conditioned prejudices towards others? Religious beliefs, races, social status? Where did they come from? You can put children from 1 to 3 years of age together, from totally different races, beliefs, social status, poor, extremely wealthy etc. and they do not have those prejudices? So where does it all come from? Where does ridiculing a poor person, an old or crippled person or one who has mental health diseases or anything that makes them “different” come from? It is programmed into you by others. It does not come from your Creator.

Now let’s get back to the vibrations of the vowels and the language of the stars. In your own way, even if it isn’t your ancestor’s language, I want you to picture each vowel one by one. Starting at the first one, “A”. Hum or sing that vibration of sound for that one particular vowel. Picture it as a gift that is taking away one of your problems, one of your doubts, one of your fears, one of your short comings in your eyes, one of your blockages, one of your prejudices, one of your hates, one of your unknowns (this is something that you don’t know so you are leary of it therefore you stay away from it).

Now once you have done that go to the next vowel and do the same, except let this vowel take away one more different problem, doubt, fear, and so on. Continue until you have done all the vowels. Now for a moment close your eyes and sit still and stop and really notice how you feel. Do you feel heavy or do you feel light? Have any of your problems become less? Any of your doubts or fears faded away?

If your answer is yes, then continue doing this practice regularly until all your worries, problems, doubts, fears are gone. If your answer is no then let’s start right back at the beginning. What I want you to realize is this, you only get out of any effort what you put into it! If you start doing this with the attitude of, Yeah right, like this is really going to help or do something…Well guess what, it isn’t going to help you. Why? Because you have programmed yourself to fail. It is almost like we have to hypnotize ourselves to do certain things. Never do I say I can’t do something. If I say I can’t, then I can’t.

Those who truly know me will tell you that no matter what, even if I have never done something, I will say, Yes! I can do that. No, I’m not lying!  I’m only positive that whatever it is I know I can do it. Maybe not perfectly at first, but I know I will be able to do it and do it very well, because I believe in me! Many people have doubts about themselves. I never doubt myself in any way because if I do, then I have prepared myself to fail.

You are not a failure. You are a blessing and gift to the world, the universe. This is why you are here right now!  This world is going thru awful times but that is because people have lost their belief in themselves and who they truly are. Change has to come! Accept that and accept the fact that you are important in bringing in the new power and beauty into existence. Love is the greatest power there is and when you love everything, truly everything, then you truly understand how beautiful you are. When a person lives in love, real love, they glow with such a brilliant array of colors, yes the colors of the rainbow. Yes claim it! You are a Rainbow Child!

Now whatever belief you practice or claim, call out that you are a child of the  Creator (by whatever name) of your belief. Claim this because you are a child of the light and a child of the stars. When you can love even those who persecute you, hate you, ridicule you, and even want to destroy you, then you truly understand the meaning of love…and you have become love.

Most of you never have been tortured because of your beliefs. Most of you have  never been beaten so bad that you are unrecognizable because of your belief. But what if you were? Would you deny your belief, change your belief just to stop it? What if they locked you up in prison just because of your belief and they tell you the only way you can get out is if you change your belief? What would you do? I truly hope you never have to go thru this. I’m afraid most of you would probably give in.

Why do I say such things? Because I have seen this with my own eyes and yes it is not pretty or even remotely humane. But yes, it still goes on till this very day all over the world. I ask you this just to see what type of mind set you have. Are your beliefs really dedicated and rooted in your heart? I know that if you truly believe what you profess, you will never have any doubts; you would never deny or change your belief no matter what anyone did to you. I sure wouldn’t.

The rainbow children are the ones who will bring about all the positive changes in the energies and vibrations of the planet and the universe, which in turn will have a positive effect on all the multi-universes and dimensions.

 Do your part please!


NOTE: For more than 9 years, Ghost Dancer has been totally disabled, confined to a wheelchair, with ever-diminishing use of his arms and legs. Despite his disabilities, Ghost lives his life in a positive way, his wisdom and courage an inspiration to all who know him. In February 2021, Ghost Dancer miraculously survived two incidents of cardiac arrest. Since then he has felt a calling to write out the messages given his two articles on the Universal Rainbow Spirit. His only concern was that he knew what he had to say would be misconstrued by some. On July 1st, responding to the urgings of his spirit helpers, Ghost made the decision to go ahead. He began the laborious task of pecking each word out with two fingers and completed part 1 on July 3rd. Then on July 4th, Ghost worked all day to complete part 2. Later that Sunday afternoon, he would once again fall into cardiac arrest, not just once, but again in the ambulance. Miraculously, he survived only because medical intervention was immediate. At this posting, Ghost Dancer is still recovering and wearing a heart monitor. He sends his love to all and hopes his message will resonate in a good way with all who read it. E.P.Dixon/Sings Many Songs

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I'm an 80-something child of the great depression and WWII. Throughout my life I have been a seeker, an outsider, never quite belonging anywhere, still always looking through cracks in the fences of life, questioning, challenging, learning, trying to make sense of the world and its conventions. A lifelong student with many interests and a love of writing and editing, my elder's path led to encouraging and assisting some remarkable people to write out their amazing stories. This calling became the magic elixir that keeps me growing, keeps me alive.

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