Living a Successful Life

Lessons From the Sacred Inipi(15)

By Ghost Dancer

Ghost Dancer

Talladega Prison, January 8, 2019 – We had a packed house today; it was our guest week. Today’s focus was all about being humble and forgiving. So many times we forget to truly be humble and seek forgiveness for all our weaknesses and faults.

People often have a doubt in them about being worthy, forgiven, if they deserve something. I do know this, if you doubt, or think anything like that, then you haven’t let it go, haven’t forgiven yourself. And if you haven’t forgiven yourself, the doubt will always be a negative block keeping you from moving on to be all that you can be.

So many in prison have this problem. But explaining and asking for forgiveness from  Spirit, from others they have wronged, and also themselves helps a person begin to heal inside. This is the same for the outside as well. So many hang on to things and all they have to do is ask forgiveness and then let it go.

Until we do, we can’t truly let go of the negative that is in us. Any tiny thing that we hang onto will fester and pollute our spirit and body. It is so necessary then, to go back as far as you can remember and cleanse your soul, body and mind of these things. We must become the child of innocence; the child of love we were born to be.

Now it is time to learn to be successful. Many people don’t know how to be successful – not in life, relationships, business or even spiritually. What happens is people usually want something they are not really prepared to strive for and sacrifice to get. We must learn to be patient, be dedicated, and able to get back up after we fail. Most important is to start small and work your way up.

Just as in anything, you must train your body, mind and spirit in all things. Many people give up and quit the first time they fail at something. Then they walk around hating themselves and others.

This is where the humbleness must come in. Everybody knows a baby must crawl before he walks and he must walk before he runs. These physics apply to everything. You don’t start power weight lifting at 600 lbs. You start at whatever you can successfully lift and build your strength and technique to achieve your goal. Yes it takes a while as everything in life does. People fail when they start trying to do more, have more, and be more than they have trained and conditioned themselves become.

In relationships, this would be like seeing someone you never saw before and saying, “Let’s get married” and thinking that this will work automatically. As we all know, a marriage is a commitment and full of compromises, of give and takes, and sacrifice. So many times people rush into marriage when they are truly not prepared. This is why there are so many divorces and broken hearts in the world. It takes a lot of work to make a marriage a success. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean that marriage will work. A farmer doesn’t put a seed in the ground and expect it to be full grown the next day. The farmer must prepare the soil, and then nurture and help the seed, the sprout, the plant. Otherwise it will die. A successful marriage takes a lot more than love and too many are not humble or forgiving enough to do the work to make it a success.

This is the way all of life is. Successful living is all about experiencing and learning to develop your true humbleness and forgiveness of yourself, your failures, your weaknesses, your doubts, your fears, your ego, your desire, your lack of being prepared for living a truly successful life.

We can all be successful in our lives, Ghost

Published by Edna Peirce Dixon

I am an elder in my 9th decade. I have lived an ordinary life, I’ve done all the ordinary and expected things, went to school, got married, raised a family, tried to be a good person. Throughout this life I have also been a seeker, an outsider by nature, always looking through cracks in the fences of life, questioning, challenging, learning, trying to make sense of the world and its conventions. Then in my golden years, as I sought to find meaning in my existence, some unexpected things happened and I’ve since learned it took a lifetime to prepare me for the challenge to come. My journey – indeed my calling - led me to come to know a remarkable man who happened to be an inmate in federal prison. Nothing could have been more foreign to my personal experience. GHOST DANCER Communicating daily for nearly nine years I had the opportunity to walk many paths with Ghost discussing our thoughts on many common interests with candor and respect. With enormous generosity Ghost has allowed me to share his wisdom and knowledge of his Native American heritage on Journeys of the Spirit. Over time, Ghost gradually revealed his life story in small bits, like scrambled pieces of some gigantic puzzle. Now, after spending more than 40 years in prison, Ghost Dancer is at last free and ready to tell his amazing personal story. As the saying goes, “you can’t make this stuff up” and as his friend and editor I can say this is a story so big that even after working with him for nearly nine years, I continue to be astonished as he shares new details my mind simply could never imagine. From the very first chapter, Ghost leads us on his journey and invites us to walk with him on his Nene Cate (Red Road). From the day he was born, a happy, loving gifted child, he endured heartbreaking sorrows, betrayals and exploitations. Through it all, Ghost fought a system determined to destroy him by any means, as he struggled to remain true to his calling. Through Ghost Dancer I also met and came to know Walks On The Grass, another federal prisoner whose story is also compelling even though very different. In Journeys of the Spirit, Walks has shared his decades-long journey from deep addiction to wholeness in LONG ROAD HOME and shared other bits of his story in ALONG THE WAY. Now as he approaches his August release into this crazy world of 2022 Walks shares his the thoughts and misgivings as he counts down to the big day in LIGHTS IN THE DISTANCE.

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