The Universal Rainbow Spirit Within Us

Walk the Sacred Path, by Ghost Dancer
Dream Catcher by Cat Dancing

People have always asked me how I know this or how I know that. Many people have their own religious beliefs and still have missed what is right in their own teachings. Either they have not paid attention or overlooked the true messages, or just ignored them. But the answers to all these things have been right in front of all of us all the time.

Almost every one of you has been to school of some type. And almost every one of you know the ABC’s of your own language, race or culture, or I would hope you do, for if you don’t you truly are missing out on part of your own self. To know who we are is to know where we came from, the history of our own people, relatives and ancestors.

No matter what you may think, your ancestors have mixed races, cultures, even belief systems. So don’t even begin to try to say you are true blooded of only one blood, race or culture, for you are planting a lie within your own true existence. 

Every single race has been mixed with others. It is the only way to prevent inbreeding and destroying the very essence of your beautiful spirit. If you are alive today, you are a Rainbow Child, meaning one of many colors, races, cultures, and religious beliefs. When you fully come to accept that and embrace that, then and only then, will you begin to glow with beauty as you light up your inner spirit and begin to grow to your highest gifts and abilities.

Since human life began, every continent has been invaded, conquered, captives taken, prisoners taken, women raped, people enslaved and mixed with children from all over the world.  You can keep lying to yourself or you can accept that you are a product of all and have the gifts of all inside of you. This makes you gifted in knowledge, strength, connected to all things, all  forms of light, sound, energy, and matter. Claim what you are and begin to see the true rainbow of energy that is within you.

Every one of you has heard songs, music, learned your ABC’s of whatever language you speak or is the language of your ancestors.  Every one of you has seen movies, videos or read a book so probably you all have heard, seen, or read  about chants, hymns, music, and vocables. Now the language of the stars called elati  by my Ani-Yun-Wi-Ya ancestors is a vibration chant. There are no words as you know them in the chant, vocables, hymns, or humming. Elati is the spiritual vibration of sounds that change our body’s vibration to harmonize with everything in our world, our multi-dimensions, multi-universes throughout all time and space. Making us completely one!

Elati opens portals, doorways, holes through obstructions you have blocking you. These sounds are found in all languages. Try using only the sounds of the vowels, starting at the first and going thru each one, feeling it resonate deeply, down in your heart center in a beautiful sounding way. Now try visualizing your body become a rainbow of energy, touching everything and feeling everything in existence. Continue repeatedly resonating these sounds until your whole being is vibrating with this beautiful energy.

Now some of you are doubting this because of your personal beliefs. But would you not want me to open your eyes to the fullness of your own beliefs? I don’t care what you believe be it Judaism, Christian, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Tantric, Brahmanism, Paganism, Taoism, or whatever, every one of these use sounds such as chants, music, instruments, prayer songs, and prayers that are vocalized and repeated in harmonized rhythms.

Getting down to basics, all of these are actually following the ancient ways and practices of changing the vibrations of our body’s energies to receive and send messages, by raising and lowering the sounds, by slowing or speeding up the sounds we are altering the effects it has on us and around us.

Here is an example: You are in a room full of people, there is stress and tension in the air, then someone does something or says something that is funny. Then laughter erupts and it changes the energy in the room. (The reverse could also happen).

You go to a dance, the band is playing but no one is dancing. Then one or two go to the dance floor and begin to dance in rhythm to the music and sounds. Then others will follow. The next thing you know the dance floor is full of people all dancing and feeling good and happy.

Now just for a quick test: start vocalizing the vowel sounds in your language, make the sound of each one of them, drawing them out to become a song blending into each other. Feel the vibration of each sound as it flows from you. Feel it flow around you and back into you. Do this over and over until you have changed the sound to a perfect harmony within you.  Obviously you can feel the vibrations no matter how hard you may have resisted. These sounds you are making are known as the language of the stars. These harmonized vibrations travel and can go through anything, just as your energy does. Just as each color has its own energy, vibration and gifts. All of these are inside of you.

Each one of your organs has its own distinct coloration. This is why we all have different colored skin, eyes, hair, etc. because we incorporate and represent all of the rainbow. Not one is any better or more important than the other. Neither is any one entitled to any more than any other or over any other. We all are one. When we all remember we are actually one with each other and all things, then an only then will we be able to do all the wonderful things we are supposed to.

Now just imagine for a second what the world would be like if everyone respected one another, loved one another, helped one another, and all life. If we did the world would be such a beautiful place. There would be no hate, no racism, no jealousy, no greed, no bigotry, no religious persecution or religious discrimination. Can you imagine a world with no egotism, no poverty, no homelessness, no starvation or hunger, no sickness or disease and no lust? Remember love and having sex is not the same as lust; lust is plainly a desire for something beyond the control or equal balance with another. Lust invades the energies and bodies of others and usually is associated with forcefulness.

With all this gone only beauty, peace, harmony and love would exist everywhere and within everything and it would radiate this beautiful energy throughout all the universe, and multi-universes and dimensions. People would be able to levitate and travel instantly to wherever they chose to go. Not with any machines or devices but by pure vibration and harmonized energy. See, sound is an energy also and it has many different uses.

In order to develop your harmony, first you must cleanse yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Now I know some – well honestly a whole bunch of you – think,  “Oh, I’m cleaned, I don’t do this or I don’t do that. Well let’s test your cleanliness and see if you are pure love:

1. What do you watch and like the most on TV?

2. What do you watch on videos?  

3. What type of music videos do you watch?

4. Do you ever watch the news?

5. What do you eat?

6. How often do you purge your body? (Use something to totally empty your bowels and bladder till you are empty, and make you throw up until you are empty)

7. How often do you completely fast after purging your body?  

8. How often do you exercise, run, move, or do something that will burn up all your energy and cause you to sweat from all your pores?

9. After sweating, do you then purify yourself with incenses or wash your body pure natural spring water?

10. How often do you listen to arguments, get involved in other people’s business, gossip, or take someone ‘s side in a family or friend’s dispute or domestic dispute?

11. How often do you pray?

12. How often do you pray for everyone else and only pray for yourself last?

13. How often are you around others who are arguing, cursing, hating, in a bad mood, prejudiced, or just plain mean?

These are just a few things to be considering when you think how clean you are. Now I can tell some of you are thinking you are protected because someone else went through something all for me or my beliefs say I don’t have to do that or this has all been done for me. So please, please tell me what religious belief that is because I have studied them all intensely and not one I can find says these things.

Now you may have been told that, or you may have thought that or interpreted some holy scripture that way, but NO! None of them say that! You must go to whatever name you use for the Creator and follow the all the teachings, guidelines, laws, and principles you find there. You cannot just pick and choose which ones you want to use and ignore the rest.

So now stop and look at how you answered each of the questions. Yeah you need to clean yourself up. We all do – every one of us – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually! And we must do this regularly if we are to stay in tune, in harmony with all that we are. No, I’m not trying to pick on anyone; what I’m trying to do is open up your eyes, your heart, your spirit to all that you truly can be.

There are no short cuts. There is no way you can bring yourself into the balance of pure love except step by step. If you think you can take some short cut then you better think again. Let’s look at some of those who went the long way: Moses, Jacob, Isaiah, Job, Enoch, Buddha, Mohamed, Jesus, Shun Yen,  just to name a few. Now do you think you are better than they are at this? I don’t think so. Read your teachings again.

Empty out all you have that is blocking you, holding you back – your past, your doubts, fears, disappointments; become pure love, pure beauty, feel this inside and grow. Breathe in the essence of love from all of Mother Earth. Feel her heart become one with you. Let your spirit reach out to all the tall people, the trees, see them in your mind and send them your love. Thank them for all they do for you. Mean what you say, speak it with your heart, your mind and your voice even.

Reach out in the same way to all the plants, rocks, birds, animals, insects, fish, all mammals, reptiles; send your heart out to all the human beings in your area, picture them in your mind; you know their faces, maybe even know their names. Now reach down and feel the earth beneath you. Feel the soil, the minerals, the magnetic fields of energy that flow. Let the energy flow into you and thru you and out of you. Reach deeper till you get to the mantle, the core, the heartbeat pulsing in the lava. Feel the intensity of energy.

Step into the circle of Mother, as her child and meet Mother Earth, the inner world of the first children, the second children, the third children, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and now you. Feel their love, their energy. Thank them for all they do and for being part of you. Yes each of them is connected to you. Everything you are reaching out to is connected to you; they are part of your own spirit, energy, body, and blood.

Now do the same when you come back to the surface and reach up to the sky and clouds. Thank them for all they do for you. Yes the clouds do many different things; they shield you from harmful rays, energy bursts; they bring rain, winds, seasons and a cooling effect so you and everyone doesn’t burn up.

Now push further out, step outside Mother Earth into space, into the world we all come from. For you see we all are made up of star dust. Yes particles of all these different things make up all of our bodies which hold our true spirits inside. And yes, we all came from out here too. Turn around now and view Mother Earth from space, looking back at her. See the beautiful hues of color, see the sunlight, star light gleaming everywhere. Feel the energetic pull of the sun and the flow of the cosmos as the energy flows thru you. Feel the beauty of life, of creation as stars, comets, moons, planets, universes all open up to you.   They have awaited for your essence of spirit to come to receive your birthright. Every planet, every star, moon, comet, asteroid beckons to you.

The ether of the heavens and galaxies call you to the center of the universe. Feel the power of all this; let it flow into you and thru you and out again. Now remember every color represents certain things. Mixtures of colors do too for they are colors as well. Colors like you have never seen come before your eyes. Feel them all, become one with them all. Accept the gifts and knowledge that comes. Hear the voice of our Creator echoing in your mind and heart.

Walk in Beauty, Ghost  July 3, 2021

Ghost Dancer – Known by thousands as a wise elder, teacher, artist, and keeper of the old ways, Ghost has a deep understanding of the spiritual and cultural traditions of the Southeastern Native Peoples, as well as the Lakota Sioux and other western tribal People. From his world, WALK THE SACRED PATH honors his Muskogee and Ani-Yun-Wiya ancestors. Ghost has a lifetime of fascinating stories to tell and thoughts to share that will expand your world as well.

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I'm an 80-something child of the great depression and WWII. Throughout my life I have been a seeker, an outsider, never quite belonging anywhere, still always looking through cracks in the fences of life, questioning, challenging, learning, trying to make sense of the world and its conventions. A lifelong student with many interests and a love of writing and editing, my elder's path led to encouraging and assisting some remarkable people to write out their amazing stories. This calling became the magic elixir that keeps me growing, keeps me alive.

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