Who Am I & What Am I Doing Here?

Sacred Medicine Ways – Part 6

A Teaching by Ghost Dancer

How many of us sometimes wonder what we are doing here? What is our purpose? What is it that I’m missing? Do you keep searching all kinds of different beliefs looking for something that feels right? Do you feel you are missing something really important or does your life feel so good and complete that you are happy?

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Remember it is only ourselves we are fooling. Well let me ask you a big question, and to be fair I’ll ask it to apply to all religious beliefs. Okay? Where is the Spirit World? Where are the Akashic Records? Where is the Living Universal Library? Where is the Kingdom of Heaven? Where is Nirvana? Where is the Eleventh Heaven? So on and so on. Be truthful to yourself. Do you know? Remember we are all connected. We are all part of the whole. We are all one. Where are these mystical places? We all have had these answers always. Some of us have just been missing them. These places are always inside of you.

Buddha searched for decades looking for bliss, until finally one day, exhausted and half starved, he drank some water and ate some fruit and nuts and was content. Laying on a ledge he looked down into a pool of water below and saw his own reflection. He started laughing, for all these years he had looked everywhere but the right place.

Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is neither here nor there, but it is within you.

In judo, the sensei says the essence of all begins in your gi.

The medicine man said when you seek to find the spirit world all you need to do is look within.

Tashunka Witko (Crazy Horse) said the only real world is the spirit world.

We all seek these magical, spiritual places for answers, yet they have always been in reach right inside of us.

Now hold on, give me a minute here, why do you think I have been trying to get you to pay attention to you? To get you to love yourself, forgive yourself? To get you to quiet your mind and give up your flesh so you would find your own spirit? Why do you think we traditional Natives always say we are connected to everything? We are one with everything? We are all one. One mind, one thought, one spirit, one prayer?

An ancient proverb says, “He who seeks to know the universe will know nothing. While he who seeks to know his true self will know everything in the universe.” This is because we are one, and one with spirit. Spirit lives in everything. Yes, in each of us. When we go to the spirit world what is it? It is a world that is pure energy, of all that was, all that is, and all that will be. It is a place where we are shown what we need to do to walk in both universal planes of existence at the same time. Where we are given answers that seem impossible for us to know, yet it is there for us. It is a place where all life has power and knowledge that in this physical world we have forgotten.

Stop and think! In every religious belief, the teachers all have to fast and go into the wilderness to be blessed by Spirit. Now why is that? Why is it that they have to go out somewhere in nature: mountains, deserts, jungles, forest, even the ocean, to find Spirit? Why? So they can let go of all the distractions, illusions, selfish wants, and finally are able to quiet their minds and hear spirit! Every single teacher, prophet, shaman, priest, priestess, yogi, guru, sensei, master and messiah say that greater things than what they have done, each of us can do. Why? Because it is true. But only if we truly push ourselves to do these things.

Anyone who knows me always says, “Ghost, why do you push yourself so hard and far?” Well this is why. Because I truly love this world and all that exists in it. I love the universe and all the universes. Yes there are more than anyone can count. My life is my religion and my religion is my life. There is no separation. Can you do this? Yes you can, and I so want each of you to do this. It will take time. Anything worthwhile really and truly does. But now let’s get back to each of you so we can become we again!

What are you doing here? Come on let us hear what do you think you are doing here? What is your purpose? What is it that will make your life happy? What is your destiny? Each of you does have a purpose and a destiny in life, and each of you can have the happy life you want! All this is knowable if you chose to know it. I hear you. Nope, I can’t do this for you. I just want you to think about what is available to you.

Now I hear some of you saying, yeah boy, this guy is out there. Really? Just because you don’t know that knowledge yet doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It has existed since the beginning and always will be. It has just been forgotten. Lost and destroyed by those who fear for you to know these things. So much of our ancient knowledge has been lost and destroyed on purpose. Much is locked away in vaults so only a few know of its existence. Learning the knowledge of the Southeastern traditions is also learning the Mayan, Aztec, Inca, Cahokia, Serpent Mounds, Etowah, Ais, and so many more. Knowledge used to be shared.

What makes the Mayans different from the Egyptians? The Sumerians from the Atlanteans or the Amazonians? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! We all were given gifts and knowledge, none over or more than others. As a parent do you love one child more than another? No! So get that out of your head and remember that many people have put their own personal interpretations on things.

So now back to what you are searching for – your purpose, your destiny, to understand what are you doing here; why are you even interested in the old Native traditions. Why? Because you are searching for answers that your spirit wants to give. Remember, a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Seek and you shall find! Just as you searched your own spirit to find your true self, do the same thing to ask for your purpose and destiny; for the path that will truly make you happy. You will be shown visions of things and if you don’t truly understand, ask to be shown so you will. Each of you has access to all the answers.

Your DNA, your blood, your cells are the Living Library of the Universe since the beginning of time. Now I hear you saying, Ghost, how am to talk to my DNA or blood or cells? Well, how did you talk to your true spirit? Can you visualize your DNA? Blood? Your cells? You will be able to access the knowledge that has been passed down since the beginning of creation and know it all. Just keep seeking within you. Now many people will ask, “Ghost why are you sharing all of this with us when no one else will?” My answer: Because it belongs to you. It belongs to all of us.

I’m proud to be a Red Stick. I’m proud of being a human being. I’m proud of being one with all. I was taught that knowledge doesn’t just belong to me; it belongs to everyone. I’m following my destiny. I’m living my happy life. I’m fulfilling my purpose. This is why I’m doing this. Also, I know so few truly know the old Native ways anymore and those who do worry about retaliations – being attacked, ridiculed, and even persecuted. I’m bull headed and don’t take well to anyone telling me, I can’t do something. I don’t like being bullied or threatened. I’m just not the one to cave.

Our gifts and knowledge are to be shared even if you must be careful of who you share it with. It’s like energy. When you draw in energy it is supposed to flow through you and then out of you. This way it doesn’t stagnate. It’s the same with knowledge. If knowledge just sits inside of you and you do not use it or share it, then it too will become stagnant. Same with your gifts. You must use your gifts to get stronger and better. If you do not, they too will stagnate and be no good. You might say you haven’t used this knowledge all these years. Why would this be different? Look at it this way: If you don’t know something, does that make you liable or responsible for what you don’t know?

Yes, many Natives even get upset with me for teaching others who are not Native. But then I remind them of our true belief that we are all related and I follow Spirit. I am always going to do that. Later we will discuss the Spirit World more in-depth and in comparison to the other names for it. Now our goal is to get you to realize your true potential and how important you are.

Traditionally, we look at our circle (our people) as only as strong as our weakest link. Like a wagon wheel with a weak spoke. All the other spokes must help protect until it is stronger or fixed, so the wheel stays strong. We are all here to help one another. When we begin doing more and more to help ourselves and others, we will all see how much better life will be.

Respectfully, Ghost

Ghost Dancer © 2017

Published by Sings Many Songs

I'm an 80-something child of the great depression and WWII. Throughout my life I have been a seeker, an outsider, never quite belonging anywhere, still always looking through cracks in the fences of life, questioning, challenging, learning, trying to make sense of the world and its conventions. A lifelong student with many interests and a love of writing and editing, my elder's path led to encouraging and assisting some remarkable people to write out their amazing stories. This calling became the magic elixir that keeps me growing, keeps me alive.

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