Southeastern Medicine Ways

Sacred Medicine Ways – Part 1 – Introduction

Teachings by Ghost Dancer

Most of us have a general idea of what “medicine” means in Native American terms, but understand little of the depth of how and why it is used. The traditions of our Southeastern Native ancestors’ medicine ways are intuitive and experiential. They understood, lived and trusted these truths at the deepest levels of their being. From the very first contact, most of these concepts were beyond simple explanation and difficult for the European mind to understand or appreciate. Even unto today, many Native heritage people have lost contact with our greatest gift, the deep and rich intuitive experiences available to us all.

What exactly is “medicine?” There are many different meanings to the word. Traditionally, medicine can refer to a sacred way, our personal power, our gifts and special abilities, a healing plant, a powerful amulet, a sacred bundle or item; and knowing how each is to be used. When others came among our ancestors, they did not understand the meanings so when interpreters said, medicine, the deeper meaning was lost in translation. I have learned, practiced, and experienced traditional ways all my life and I’ve been teaching traditional ways for more than 40 years. I’m trying to share methods that will help you, not harm you. My goal is to share with you so you will have the opportunity to learn the meanings and how they apply.

I must be careful of all that I teach because I am responsible for what I put out there for folks to learn. I know the prophesies of old and I’m working to help those of the Rainbow Children who are trying to connect back to their ancestors. Rainbow Children are the children of all colors and nations; mixed bloods, all of whom are gifted and will come together to bring love back to our Mother Earth and start the vibration changes that the world needs to heal and grow.

Sacred Ways

Practicing the Sacred Way begins with having a loving heart. Your heart must have love for all life and you must not allow yourself to be pulled in by others to do bad things. We all have struggles and weaknesses, but as long as we get back up and try walking the Sacred Path again, that is what matters.

Trying to live the Sacred Way is not that hard, it is just about changing the ways society tries to manipulate you to act, believe and live. Here are seven basics you must always try to live by:

1) Generosity 2) Humbleness 3) Compassion 4) Honesty 5) Courage 6) Forgiveness 7) Love

These seven basics will carry you through just about everything, and will be your guide to walking and living the sacred ways. Don’t let society tell you what is right or wrong. Listen to your spirit, your heart knows what the truth is. And have the courage to stand by what you believe.

Listen! If you are doing what is right and true, many will attack you. Why? Because they fear the truth and they are mad at themselves. So, they attack you, but you know you are doing right because if you were wrong, they would just laugh at you and not say a word. When a person attacks someone else personally because of something they said, this is always the reason. Always remember this.

Owning Your Gifts and Special Abilities

Now, everyone has extraordinary gifts and talents. Everyone has special abilities. But I hear some of you saying “No, I don’t.” Well hello! Yes, you do! Every person has one or more Spirit Helpers, and once you have learned that, you need to let them help you find your gifts and then own them!

Get a piece a paper and write down the animals or birds you have met or seen, and list all the gifts, nature, and talents they each have.

Now once you have done that, go down the list, one at a time and stop and think about yourself. How do these apply to you? Yes, be honest about you, this can really set you free and help you in every way in life. I will give you an example so you all can see how this is done.

Sally: She saw and met a wolf, a turtle and a hummingbird.

Wolf: Survivor, all about family, smart, pays attention to all around it, loving, playful, hunter, stays in shape.

Turtle: Takes its time, never makes sudden decisions, is all about the home, feels secure, takes care of the home, sure of itself.

Hummingbird: Loves life, loves beauty, loves to really taste the nectars of life, loves freedom, has great endurance, knows how to maneuver, even in strong winds.

Now what strength and abilities would Sally have? Come on! You don’t know? Really? She has every one of these! Why? Because all she has to do is listen and tap into each one when she needs to and it is there for her.

Okay try this one:

George: He saw and met a hawk, cricket, butterfly, and snake.

Hawk: Sees everything, swift to strike, always ready to dodge away from trouble, hunter.

Cricket: Very good luck, successful, loves to sing, is a romantic at heart.

Butterfly: Has changes in life, rose above crawling to become beautiful, fancy free, spirited, admires beauty and is very passionate.

Snake: Loves mystery, never quits seeking knowledge, sees danger and bad things quickly, very protective, keeps thoughts inside, will attack if threatened.

So, I ask you to really think about it and start writing the real qualities and abilities you have. Once you have done this, speak these gifts to yourself.

Remember, Words Have Power. Speak this power into yourself. You must see these powers, gifts abilities that you have. See yourself using them every day, becoming more and more accustomed to using them. As you begin to feel these powers and gifts, claim them as yours. Know these gifts and believe in your gifts. Because they are real and they always have been yours. You need to use them. By not using them, they weaken and fade away.

It is your choice. These are your gifts by birthright. There are a few other points you need to keep in mind as well.

1) We do not need anyone else to validate us or tell us we have gifts. We need to do the work of discovering them ourselves.

2) When we continue to insist we do not have these gifts, we are, in essence, dishonoring, not only ourselves, but our Creator as well.

3) As you know, just as there are positive gifts and abilities; there are also negative gifts and abilities. Always be aware of them and write them down too. This way you know your strengths and weaknesses as they truly are.

Sacred Bundle, Sacred Items, Personal Sacred Places

You may be beginning to feel you have wandered far off the beaten path you are used to. And as you may discover, there are truths you should have been taught long ago that would have helped you all your life.

Now, before we go further, let me lay some ground rules:

1) Never use anything you learn here or will learn in the future to hurt anyone or force anyone against their will.

2) Never use your knowledge in any way for your own personal gain.

3) Never try to get people to do anything they don’t want or ask for.

4) Never use your knowledge or do anything for anyone unless you are asked to or given permission by that person.

5) Never play with this knowledge or use it to impress anyone.

6) Never boast or try to act superior because others don’t know these things.

7) Never attempt to teach others unless you know who they are and you are totally sure of what you are teaching. Like the old saying goes, the blind can’t lead the blind.

Now that you know the rules and you give your word that you will live by this, we can continue.

You do give your word, don’t you?

See, your word is all that you truly have that is totally yours. Your spirit is part of everything that is and so is your heart. It is your word that I ask that you live by. If you break that, then you will have nothing.

Now, let’s discuss how you choose or create Sacred Bundles, Sacred Items and Personal Sacred Places:

These all require your full attention. You must fast and purify yourself when making or designing these. Why? Because you will be using these for doing sacred things, prayers, healings, conducting ceremonies, etc.

They must be made during a fast and your prayers put into them. Even if you think it doesn’t matter and think you are just making a rattle, or a drum, or an eagle or hawk wing bone whistle. You still must fast, purify, and pray.

Sacred Bundle: What is a sacred bundle? A sacred bundle is a bundle of items that belong to a person(s) or a family or a tribe that are used for sacred acts or ceremonies. This is a power and religious bundle that is used by either a person or a person designated by a family or tribe to use in behalf of others. It may consist of many different items that have power and healing gifts.

Sacred Items can be anything that is sacred to a person(s), family or tribe. These items are used in prayer, ceremonies, and healings. They may be items that you or anyone else would not see as being sacred, and they are not for you, but they are sacred to them alone and should be respected.

Sacred Sites or Personal Sacred Places: These are places that are sacred to a person(s), family, or tribe, that are used for prayers, ceremonies, and healings. These places are protected and should always be respected.

Once a ceremony or prayers have been done at a place, it becomes a sacred site and should be treated as such. Many times, this will be a location where a person(s), family, or tribe goes to gather plants, roots, etc.

Respectfully, Ghost Dancer

Ghost Dancer © 2017

Published by Sings Many Songs

I'm an 80-something child of the great depression and WWII. Throughout my life I have been a seeker, an outsider, never quite belonging anywhere, still always looking through cracks in the fences of life, questioning, challenging, learning, trying to make sense of the world and its conventions. A lifelong student with many interests and a love of writing and editing, my elder's path led to encouraging and assisting some remarkable people to write out their amazing stories. This calling became the magic elixir that keeps me growing, keeps me alive.

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