The Spirit World

Sacred Medicine Ways – Part 7

Now, at times I have spoken about going to the Spirit World and I know you must have wondered about this or even been turned off by the idea. I hope you will stay with me and let me explain how all this works. This is important to understand: TO ALL NATIVE PEOPLES THE SPIRIT WORLD IS THE ONLY REAL WORLD. This world is an illusion of what you really are and can do. It is an illusion in which you have chains on you that prevent you from doing things that you consider magical or beyond belief. But the truth is, the only chains are on your own mind.

By stepping into the Spirit World, your mind – your brain – is opened up, enabling you to use more and more of what you have never used. It works like this: say you never used your arm, but only your hand. In time, the muscle in your arm would atrophy and not work; it would become small and weak. Any muscle you don’t use is like this. Your brain is like a muscle and science has shown most of us do not use its full capacity.

Now imagine stepping into the Spirit World where using all of your brain capacity is open to you and you can use every bit of it. Now just as it takes time and patience to rebuild muscle, the same is true of your brain. You must use it more and more to make it stronger and more disciplined. The more disciplined we are with our thoughts the better we can create and control what we do. All that separates us from this power are the limitations of our own minds, and the only real limitations are the ones we allow to stay there.

We all have dreams and in those dreams amazing things happen. We all have heard about people who have near-death experiences and it changes their lives. Well anyone who is willing to relax, let go of all doubts and fears, can learn to really enjoy the access the capabilities we all have.

It is all up to you, and success depends on how determined you are. Many folks give up when they can’t get something right away. I have seen Native brothers give up on having visions because they didn’t get it the first time. See, that is a test in itself. Do you believe you are worthy enough to keep trying and not give up on you?

You have probably heard of shapeshifters that can transform their bodies into different forms; animals, birds, other people, even insects. We think of this as folklore, but truthfully a shapeshifter can mentally transform into anything. Now, how do you think they can do that? Well let me give you a clue, it’s the discipline of their minds to control every part of their bodies. The better they can control and focus their minds, the better they become at visualizing themselves in a specific time or place or form.

Now what is in the Spirit World? Well, everything! Everything since the beginning of existence. Everything in every dimension, every universe, throughout all time. And once you learn to get to the Spirit World, you can begin accessing more and more. No, you can’t learn to do this all at once. Don’t even try. You will only crash. Build yourself up, give your body and mind time to adjust and grow with this concept.

Now in some of my other articles such as Your Inner Power we talk about how to find the Spirit World. The ideas of fasting and trances as ways of seeking in-between worlds may be too difficult for most folks to even try so I had to rethink this and find a way to make it easier for anyone to seek inner peace in the Spirit World. In my next article, Sacred Peace-Healing Energy, I will go into depth on simple ways anyone can find the peace and healing we seek. Again, don’t try to see or learn everything or too much at a time.

Whatever path we choose, start with looking for something in particular. Focus on that and concentrate on seeing that one thing – say, a place or language you are familiar with so the precise visual is in your mind. This way you will more quickly get to the place you seek. Remember to let your inner spirit guide you and pay attention. Absorb all around you when you get there. The way you may think things were or should be, may not be exactly what it is. Study everything, learn all that you can. Then come back. Remember this: In deep trance, your time in the Spirit World leaves your physical body cold and staying away too long can cause you problems. As I said, start off slowly.

Those who Dance with Sister (use mind-altering substances), sometimes decide they don’t want to come back. It is their choice, but remember they are giving up their chance to do so much more and to fulfill their greater purpose, which is left undone. This means they will not stay in the Spirit World for long. They will ascend to another place in between and come back to start from scratch again. They would have these memories in their subconscious mind but would need to bring them forth in the next life to start the process again.

Now, think about this. When you travel to the Spirit World, you can go back in time to any era that you chose. You can even choose to go to the Living Library to access any skills you like, such as math, sciences, mechanics, music, whatever. Even beyond anything that is presently known. It is up to you to absorb and then apply it. Just remember, any new understandings take time for folks to accept. Even you will feel like maybe you are losing your mind or imagining things. This is part of the psychological conditioning you’ve experienced your entire life. This is your physical self not believing in you. You must believe in yourself.

When I was doing healings, I used to have people ask me what if they don’t believe in what I can do. I always told them it is not their belief that matters; it is my belief. If I doubt myself in any way, then I will fail. But if I truly believe that I can do this, it will happen and the person will be healed. I’ve even been called to come into hospitals by people who were terminally ill with doctors and staff present and still it was my belief that always guided my work. I just channeled the true spirit of life is all. The doctors would be shocked and then do tests and could no longer find a problem. Just remember whatever you do, you must believe you can do these things. You must have courage to try and accept when you fail, but never quit.

Just as any professional in sports or acting, an artist, musician, doctor, magician, acrobat and everything else knows, practice makes better; practice makes perfect. Before you can ever be good at anything, you will fail, get frustrated and disappointed. But if you stick with it the rewards are beyond measure. The failures all give you the chance to truly appreciate all these things. All the hard work, time, energy, sacrifices you have given, make you confident and truly believe in yourself as well. The answers to everything we humans want and need to know is in the Spirit World – if you are willing to sincerely seek it.

To put things into perspective, consider this: For nearly 100 years, modern psychologists have been interested in learning more about the workings of the human mind. Some of the world’s most prestigious universities have whole departments dedicated to research and discovery of “paranormal” phenomenon including the effects of mind-altering drugs. Throughout the Cold War, both the US and Russia were engaged in developing Remote Viewing techniques to utilize the powers of the mind to spy on one another. Mind-altering drugs were also used to enhance these powers for intelligence purposes.

The point is, however shocking these little-known insights into the ancient practices of Indigenous peoples may be, we can choose to view them as an enlightenment, perhaps forced into the shadows by powerful, but superstitious rulers who feared them. The opportunity to learn these facts can be an enlightening experience for us as well, helping us gain a deeper appreciation for all Native Peoples.

These skills are truly available to anyone, even though only a few will choose to even try to muster the discipline and commitment. Truly great inventors, scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, teachers, healers, and leaders all go through these things in one way or another. What are you going to do? The choice is yours. The Spirit World is within you!



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I'm an 80-something child of the great depression and WWII. Throughout my life I have been a seeker, an outsider, never quite belonging anywhere, still always looking through cracks in the fences of life, questioning, challenging, learning, trying to make sense of the world and its conventions. A lifelong student with many interests and a love of writing and editing, my elder's path led to encouraging and assisting some remarkable people to write out their amazing stories. This calling became the magic elixir that keeps me growing, keeps me alive.

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