Back to Green

Lights In the Distance. . . Walks’ Outdate – 161 Days and Counting By Steven Maisenbacher And not a moment too soon, just as I am getting sick of this Covid protocol that no one in the free world except Talladega was being restricted by, this morning they finally saw fit to end the farce.Continue reading “Back to Green”

Head Wiper Offer

Lights In the Distance. . . Outdate – 168 Days and Counting By Steven Maisenbacher well as you all know, I quit my job in the factory, but… here we are a month later and I’ve had about enough of laying around napping and reading. Since it’s the feds where everybody works except the actualContinue reading “Head Wiper Offer”

Creator, Keep the Women and Children In Your Sight

Light In the Distance. . . Outdate – 171 Days and Counting By Steven Maisenbacher Creator, watch over the people of the Ukraine, and keep the women and children in your sight. Protect them and bring the horrible actions of the war criminals to an end. While it is well known that I no longerContinue reading “Creator, Keep the Women and Children In Your Sight”

Extraordinary Experience

At the Sacred Grounds, Talladega Prison By Sings Many Songs (As told by Ghost Dancer) October 25, 2016 – Before the brothers entered the sweat lodge, Ghost Dancer recalls, “I was drumming and singing outside the lodge teaching the brothers and all the little winged ones came and landed on the fences surrounding the grounds.Continue reading “Extraordinary Experience”

The Brady Bunch Fallacy

Light In the Distance. . . OUTDATE – 179 Days and Counting By Steven Maisenbacher Hello there once again! Guess it’s time for another “The world as Walks now sees it” and I have a question. Does anyone remember the “Brady Bunch?” It was about a man and a woman who for whatever reason wereContinue reading “The Brady Bunch Fallacy”


Lessons From the Sacred Inipi(18) By Ghost Dancer Talladega Prison, March 31, 2020 – Today our ceremony was all about prayers and singing for everyone’s family members, friends, and all life that is suffering, sick or those who have passed from this Covid-19. It poured down rain on us and got us soaked for hours,Continue reading “Changes”

Difficult Times

Lessons From the Sacred Inipi(17) By Ghost Dancer Talladega Prison, March 17, 2020 Just got back from our sweat lodge ceremony. It was very, very hot and humid today. We will have our equinox ceremony on Saturday. I requested that we get it today because we have more rain expected on Saturday. With all thatContinue reading “Difficult Times”

So Little

Light In the Distance… OUTDATE – 186 Days and Counting By Steven Maisenbacher OK, I’ve been thinking. Yeah, I know that’s dangerous and I ain’t supposed to do it on my own but there is just so much to think about and so few that I wish to share the endeavor with that I sometimesContinue reading “So Little”

Kinda, Sorta, Almost, No Not Really

Light In the Distance… OUTDATE – 193 Days and Counting By Steven Maisenbacher So now it has been like 18 days since I quit my job and was moved here to a non-UNICOR unit, Let the Circus Begin, and just as you might expect, I wasn’t here a full 24 hours before something went haywireContinue reading “Kinda, Sorta, Almost, No Not Really”

What is Freedom?

Lessons From the Sacred Inipi(16) By Ghost Dancer Talladega Prison, November 25, 2019 – We didn’t have any good wood for our sweat on Thursday; just busted up pieces of wooden pallets. We need real firewood to heat the rocks up hot enough. I believe things happen for a reason, so there was a reasonContinue reading “What is Freedom?”