It’s Funny

Lights In the Distance. . . Walks’ Outdate – 68 Days and Counting By Steven Maisenbacher Yea, it’s funny how things turn out. See today I was in the midst of my daily call with the wonderful person “Sings Many Songs” and we were talking about the amount of credits I had on the computerContinue reading “It’s Funny”

And the Sun Sets Again

Light In the Distance… OUT DATE- 216 Days and Counting By Steven Maisenbacher Despite what you might see on TV, prison isn’t all mayhem and ugliness. In large part, a wonderful normal average day in the life of Walks consists of lots of nothingness. Need I remind you it  has been 2 years of allContinue reading “And the Sun Sets Again”


By Steven “Walks On The Grass” Maisenbacher Chapter 22 Headaches, Heartaches & Spiritual Challenges Jason has left, I’m by myself but another Native is in the block. He had several falls to the addictions of his past while in other units. He had ended up going to the hole but coming out clean and soberContinue reading “LONG ROAD HOME (22)”


By Steven “Walks On The Grass” Maisenbacher Chapter 21 Lockdown! And They Mean It The last day of March, my friend and cellmate of more than a year suddenly decides he wants to move out. I didn’t really know why, but it didn’t bother me much that I would have the cell to myself forContinue reading “LONG ROAD HOME (21)”