Lights In the Distance. . . Walks’ Outdate – 154 Days and Counting By Steven Maisenbacher Well, I just got done with the highlight of my days, talking to “Sings Many Songs” and I call her pretty much every day, to talk about this stuff or that stuff, or Ghost or just basically anything thatContinue reading “Alone”

Back to Green

Lights In the Distance. . . Walks’ Outdate – 161 Days and Counting By Steven Maisenbacher And not a moment too soon, just as I am getting sick of this Covid protocol that no one in the free world except Talladega was being restricted by, this morning they finally saw fit to end the farce.Continue reading “Back to Green”

Creator, Keep the Women and Children In Your Sight

Light In the Distance. . . Outdate – 171 Days and Counting By Steven Maisenbacher Creator, watch over the people of the Ukraine, and keep the women and children in your sight. Protect them and bring the horrible actions of the war criminals to an end. While it is well known that I no longerContinue reading “Creator, Keep the Women and Children In Your Sight”

Extraordinary Experience

At the Sacred Grounds, Talladega Prison By Sings Many Songs (As told by Ghost Dancer) October 25, 2016 – Before the brothers entered the sweat lodge, Ghost Dancer recalls, “I was drumming and singing outside the lodge teaching the brothers and all the little winged ones came and landed on the fences surrounding the grounds.Continue reading “Extraordinary Experience”


Lessons From the Sacred Inipi(18) By Ghost Dancer Talladega Prison, March 31, 2020 – Today our ceremony was all about prayers and singing for everyone’s family members, friends, and all life that is suffering, sick or those who have passed from this Covid-19. It poured down rain on us and got us soaked for hours,Continue reading “Changes”

Daily Prayer

Written and Gifted to the People of Perdido Bay Tribe By Ghost Dancer February 2014 Dedicated in honor of Micco Bobby Johns Bearheart ~~~ Mvscogee & English Language ~~~ PBT VTEHKVLKE OMVLKV NETTV MEKUSVPETV PUCASE HESAKETV POHETV VNMEKUSVPKV MOCV -NETTV V’NE EM-POHETV CEME EM MERRETV OMVLKV PUNAKE EM MVTTETV V’NE EM-POHETV CEME VNE-EKVS ESTOFIS HECETVContinue reading “Daily Prayer”

Living a Successful Life

Lessons From the Sacred Inipi(15) By Ghost Dancer Talladega Prison, January 8, 2019 – We had a packed house today; it was our guest week. Today’s focus was all about being humble and forgiving. So many times we forget to truly be humble and seek forgiveness for all our weaknesses and faults. People often haveContinue reading “Living a Successful Life”

Miracles Do Happen

By Ghost Dancer – Letter to Facebook Friends February 9, 2022 Hi everyone, Just wanted to let everyone know that our prayers have been answered. On Tuesday, an anonymous someone with a true compassionate heart came forth and purchased a beautiful “gently used” GMC Terrain for us. This vehicle is completely paid for. Even theContinue reading “Miracles Do Happen”

Beginning Life All Over

By Ghost Dancer – Letter to Facebook friends Hi Everyone,  I ask each of you to please take the time to read this and hear directly from me what it feels like being free! Thank You! It will soon be 4 months since my compassionate release was granted and I would love to speak to youContinue reading “Beginning Life All Over”

Being Truthful

Lessons From the Sacred Inipi (3) By Ghost Dancer 2020 – Just back from the lodge. We had a wonderful ceremony, Nice and hot-hot. Yes we must give all of ourselves so that all those we are praying for do not suffer. Today’s lesson was about being truthful to ourselves so we can always beContinue reading “Being Truthful”