Freedom Lost, Life Found

My Journey to Spiritual Healing By Candace Freedom lost, life found. That’s the gift I have been given. Through all my trials and tribulations I now see the light on a road I’ve never believed possible! Thank you Father God for never giving up on your children. Thank you for hearing my cry and puttingContinue reading “Freedom Lost, Life Found”

Warrior Women

Step Into The Light Journal Entry 2 – September 22, 2022 By Steven Maisenbacher I want to talk about something that is very important to me. This chapter has written itself over the past 62 years. It is one that I never even gave much thought to until recently and it’s long overdue. I wantContinue reading “Warrior Women”

Midlife Dreams

By Edna Peirce Dixon Today I’m thinking of my children and their mates, all now in their midlife years, some retired, some thinking hard about it. I watch with interest as each one embarks on the next phase of life, taking risks, setting new goals and following their dreams. I think too about Ghost DancerContinue reading “Midlife Dreams”

All For the Right to Pray (23)

Part Five – Sweet Freedom Chapter 23 – Bittersweet Memories 2015 Conversations – Cat Dancing, Ghost Dancer, EPDixon EPD: Now I know that at some point Ghost got word that he was about to be arrested and that may be when you went to Canada… Neither of you has mentioned that. CAT: I’m having troubleContinue reading “All For the Right to Pray (23)”