Step Into The Light

By Steven “Walks On The Grass” Maisenbacher

Three Parts of Steven Maisenbacher’s first book, LONG ROAD HOME tells the story of his life, and his spiritual journey from brokenness toward wholeness during decades of incarceration. ALONG THE WAY tells of some of his other significant experiences and thoughts and LIGHT IN THE DISTANCE documents his mental and emotional preparations for living in the outside world during the year just prior to his release.

Now, in STEP INTO THE LIGHT we all have the opportunity to walk along with Steven as he faces the challenges of this huge transition back into a world now totally changed and unfamiliar.

Chapter 1 – Night Ride to Freedom’s Door

Chapter 2 – Warrior Women

Chapter 3 – Thought I Was Safe

Chapter 4 – Speed Bumps

Chapter 5 – Walks Goes to College

Chapter 6 – The Most Powerful

Chapter 7 – Time vs. People

Chapter 8 – Skepticism

Chapter 9 – Who Cares?

Chapter 10 – Giving Thanks

Chapter 11 – Thanksgiving Truth

Chapter 12 – Forward Momentum

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