Still I Can

Lights In the Distance. . . Walks’ Outdate – 96 Days and Counting By Steven Maisenbacher As some folks may know, I cannot stand nor tolerate a bully. When I spot them or am confronted in any way with their behavior I tend to react, either with well-placed sarcasm or sometimes plain outright cursing. YeahContinue reading “Still I Can”

The School I Wish I’d Learned From

Lights In the Distance. . . Walks’ Outdate – 110 Days and Counting By Steven Maisenbacher Well, we all know I want to go to school, and sometimes as I’m lying in bed thinking about the days to come once I leave this iron house, I imagine myself walking into the community college, on myContinue reading “The School I Wish I’d Learned From”

Beat The Dead Horse

Lights In the Distance. . . Walks’ Outdate – 117 Days and Counting By Steven Maisenbacher I hate to feel like I’m doing it, but as I sit here with less than 4 months left to serve before my release to halfway house, I am concerned, and every day of not having answers is evenContinue reading “Beat The Dead Horse”

Monsters In the Closet

Along the Way. . . Experiences, Insights & Humor on the “Long Road Home” November 1, 2021 Steven Maisenbacher I’m thinking this sounds crazy, but I also have given it a lot of thought, like years’ worth, and over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that as a child I did so many badContinue reading “Monsters In the Closet”


TALKING DONKEY – I gave Jimmy the name “Donkey,” used to tell him he was the only talking donkey in North America. He was just an old white man who had no business in my world of prisons and politics and gangs and such. He used to come with me out to the lodge and sit at the picnic table while we had our sweats. Jimmy was a good man.


By Stephen “Walks On The Grass” Maisenbacher Chapter 1 Broken I was born broken. Simple fact of the matter is my biological mother was a cocaine addict and was using during her pregnancy. Having this be the fact, she gave birth to a baby addicted to cocaine. She was just 19, and having no whereContinue reading “LONG ROAD HOME”