Snake Dances

The Creeks and Their Dances (7) By Ghost Dancer Snake Clan is well known as a warrior clan and spiritual clan. Their role is one of strength and power and this is reflected in each of the distinct types of dances they conduct and oversee. The varied Snake Dances serve very different purposes so weContinue reading “Snake Dances”

Alligator Dance

The Creeks and Their Dances (6) By Ghost Dancer The alligator dance is one of the most beautiful, sensual, and time-honored dances of the old days. Alligator is a powerful war clan of the people; an ancient totem spirit and an ancient elder of life from the oldest days. Ceremonially, young men passed into manhoodContinue reading “Alligator Dance”

Beautiful Bird Dances

The Creeks and Their Dances (5) November 13, 2021 By Ghost Dancer THE FLAMINGO DANCE is a beautiful dance. If you have ever seen flamingos, you will know that their long, fluffy feathers are a soft pink in color. Dancers place these feathers on the arms, legs, and top of their heads. The dance isContinue reading “Beautiful Bird Dances”

Traditional Native Family Values

Reflections for Native American Month By Ghost Dancer In reflecting on traditional Native family values and practices, it occurs to me that most families now days are dysfunctional and always bickering. Many families are broken up, separated and never experience a true loving family. Even now days, the young families forget about their parents whoContinue reading “Traditional Native Family Values”

Owl Dance

The Creeks and Their Dances (4) By Ghost Dancer One big misconception about our traditions is the owl. Many tribes west of the Mississippi  fear the owl as bad medicine (a bad sign). To us the owl is very wise and sees things that others don’t see, has the ability to see into the darkness.Continue reading “Owl Dance”

Panther & Sneak-up Dances

The Creeks and Their Dances (3) By Ghost Dancer Panther Dance Now I must speak about the Panther or Tiger Dance. This dance is conducted by the Panther or Tiger Clan for members of the clan and those who want to invoke or call for the spirit of panther or tiger to come to them.Continue reading “Panther & Sneak-up Dances”

Turkey Dance

The Creeks and Their Dances (2) By Ghost Dancer The turkey is a prominent winged figure in Mvskoke culture. Turkey is known for its constant vigilance and quick readiness to fight for its flock; its proud demeanor and its dance of love. The Mvskoke admired the turkey for its flying skills, its ability to liftContinue reading “Turkey Dance”

The Naturally Sacred Way Our Ancestors Danced

The Creeks and Their Dances (1) By Ghost Dancer To truly understand the history and culture of the early South-eastern Mvskoke Creek People, it is essential that we learn to respect their customs and mores exactly as they were. Nowhere are the strengths, beauty, and good-heartedness of this ancient culture more apparent than in theirContinue reading “The Naturally Sacred Way Our Ancestors Danced”

Native Rules of Respectful Behavior

Sacred Medicine Ways – Part 12 A Teaching by Ghost Dancer I would now like to speak with you on the importance of showing respect when around Native people. You may be at a powwow or visiting a reservation or someone‚Äôs home, and knowing a few key rules of respectful behavior can mean the differenceContinue reading “Native Rules of Respectful Behavior”

Moons, Ceremonials & Dances

Sacred Medicine Ways – Part 11 A Teaching by Ghost Dancer Now it is important to understand each month has its own specific moon cycle. There are 13 moon cycles per year and 28 days to a complete moon cycle. We counted time by the moon cycles. We harvested crops, planted crops, hunted, fished, gatheredContinue reading “Moons, Ceremonials & Dances”